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Demonlord - Adventures In Hell Pt. 1 (7/10) - Hungary - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Hammer
Playing time:
Band homepage: Demonlord


  1. Returning To The Devils Tower
  2. Solitude
  3. Prophet In Me
  4. Under
  5. On The Cross
  6. Last Walk
  7. The Search
  8. The Valley Of Life
  9. One More Chance
  10. Cyclonerider
  11. Elements
Demonlord - Adventures In Hell Pt. 1

Ironically, DEMONLORD "Adventures In Hell Pt 1" is both breathtaking and nauseating. On the one hand, the music is amazing; from the moment the album began I became completely captivated. Although the style isn't exactly unique, these guys are really creative and know what they are doing. I was highly impressed with the fast, catchy riffs, smart yet very melodic compositions and masterful guitarmanship especially on the part of Andras Nagy (who by the way, is a delightful person).

On the down side, the vocals leave a lot to be desired and are the sole reason this album doesn't rate a total 10! I was really hoping for strong, melodic epic vocals to accompany and even accentuate the music. I realize they can't all be James Rivera, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson or even Hansi Kürsch, but a vocalist should have some ability to sing. I literally had to turn the volume down in my car at stoplights because everywhere I looked, children were crying, mothers were rolling up their windows - screaming obscenities and fathers were threatening me with physical violence. It was terrible but I couldn't blame them! All kidding aside, this really is one of the weakest, most annoying vocalists I have ever heard in this genre; even at a low volume, I cringed more than a few times and found that I was more anxious than usual for a break or solo and at some points I even skipped over the verses altogether. Had he been a dog that howled thus, they would have hanged him.

I haven't had a chance to check out their earlier demos or their latest album "Helltrust" and with the same front man aboard it is unlikely that I will. It's really unfortunate because I cannot say enough about this band from a purely musical perspective. My advice to the band is to get another vocalist. If that is not a possibility, perhaps instrumental concept albums wouldn't be a terrible idea! (Online December 20, 2002)

Guest Reviewer Amy Hunley

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