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Murder Therapy - Symmetry Of Delirium (9/10) - Italy - 2008

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Deity Down Records
Playing time: 32:17
Band homepage: Murder Therapy


  1. The Scourge
  2. Extra-Ordinary Perfect Machine 
  3. Staring At The Zodiac
  4. Tales Of The Bizarre
  5. Equilibrium
  6. Two Shots In Colbroke
  7. Hidden In Lies
  8. Asymmetry      
  9. Delirium
Murder Therapy - Symmetry Of Delirium

MURDER THERAPY is a relatively new band out of Italy. They formed in 2007, released a demo in 2008 and now they have released their first album. You wouldn’t know it from just listening to “Symmetry Of Delirium”, though. You’d think that these guys have had a few years to carve out their own little niche, but this is the band’s second overall recording.


What a first impression! This starts off with a blast, a brutal beating to your head that doesn’t slow down no matter how much you want it to stop. It starts off vicious and heavy, and stays that way all the way through. Even though it’s pretty much a relentless assault, “Symmetry Of Delirium” has two qualities that make it stand far above other albums that can also be described as an “aural assault”. For starters, instead of being constantly played at breakneck speeds, MURDER THERAPY stays more in the mid-tempo, while going to hyperdrive on a few occasions; and instead uses the slower tempos for some twisted riffs.


The other quality is that there is a sense of demented spontaneity that permeates this record. The songs are pretty much unpredictable with a gamut of changes in structure, where a song you thought was going one way will make an unexpected turn and go in a whole new direction, and there is this flair of playful psychotic glee that is always present and it makes the album THAT much more fun to listen to.


There is also a penchant for experimentation by either trying to splice in a different genre with Death Metal (“Staring At The Zodiac”) or using some weird sound effects whilst the onslaught (“Equilibrium”), just to give the album more life and more character.


I hope these guys stay on the right track, because for a debut album, this fucking KILLS.



(Online November 27, 2009)

Armen Janjanian

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