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20 tablatures for Bloodbath

Bloodbath - Breeding Death (9/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 13:16
Band homepage: Bloodbath


  1. Breeding Death
  2. Omnious Bloodvomit
  3. Furnace Funeral
Bloodbath - Breeding Death

BLOODBATH’s "Breeding Death" features Mikael Åkerfeldt of OPETH, Blakkheim and Jonas Renkse of KATATONIA, and Sir Dan Swanö of pretty much every band in the Swedish Metal scene. It would be nearly impossible for these Death Metal gods to conjure up anything less than awesome, and awesome this short disc is!

BLOODBATH pays homage to the roots of the Florida Death Metal scene without sounding like a sludgy mess. "Breeding Death," as you might have been able to judge from the title alone, doesn’t skimp on cheesy, horror-filled lyrics. However, they are so ridiculous as to be obviously tongue-in-cheek. Plenty of blast beats and heavily distorted guitar wreak havoc upon my stereo system, yet the brutality does not take away from the music’s catchiness. The Swedes do not even provide a 2 second respite from song to song; the kick-ass ending of "Breeding Death" segues perfectly into a classic Death Metal grunt from Åkerfeldt. "Omnious [sic] Bloodvomit" is absolutely infectious; everything, from the sick riffs to the drum patterns, rings in my ears after listening to the track.

The great thing about BLOODBATH is that it sounds nothing like OPETH, KATATONIA, or EDGE OF SANITY. In that respect, BLOODBATH is an original project, even though it focuses on past ideas. Overly distorted guitars linger in the air as "Furnace Funeral" brings the three-song teaser to an end. This early release from the Swedish Death Metal supergroup comes with the highest recommendations.

(Online December 5, 2009)

Austin Mangel

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