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Code Of Lies - The Age Of Disgrace EP (4/10) - Australia - 2008

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Grindhead Records
Playing time: 18:22
Band homepage: Code Of Lies


  1. Salvation
  2. Agoraphobic Enslavement
  3. Carrion
  4. Pestilence
  5. Swarm Of Vultures
  6. Severed Halo
  7. New World Terror
  8. The Age Of Disgrace
Code Of Lies - The Age Of Disgrace EP

With a few exceptions, I am tiring of the most basic of today’s rawest Grindcore acts. The guitars are generally too simple and banal, drumming is rehashed, and the vocals tend to grate so badly it can become cumbersome to listen to it. Unfortunately, Australia’s CODE OF LIES and their new EP “The Age Of Disgrace” fit into this category quite easily for the most part. While coming nowhere near the utter abomination FREUND HEIN are (a band that received a big fat 0 from your truly), COL still manage to annoy me to the point of almost turning off the stereo while listening. Sure, there’s nothing horrible about the slashing guitars or the spastic drumming, but neither is there anything terribly memorable. In fact, I would guess that the band themselves pay little attention to themselves. This is generic Grindcore at its sloppiest. Even insane bands like THE BEZERKER which I can only tolerate in small doses, can in their most outlandish moments manage a sense of cohesion within their bizarre world. That is rarely the case on “The Age Of Disgrace”.


Along with this low level of song writing is again a simply near insufferable twin vocal attack. Guttural noises accompanied by cat-in-a-trap type screeching that would turn off everyone except the most devout Grind followers. It may seem specious at best to quarrel over vocals in extreme metal, but I think that gives short shrift to most other bands. Vocals in such genres of the metal are simply another instrument, they primarily convey tone be it aggression, misanthropy, or even evil where it may exist. The only mood I can come up with for the vocals on “The Age Of Disgrace” is complete silliness. They seem to be joking with the songs, taking the piss and moving quickly on to the next track.


There is the odd riff or passage that seems to rise above the otherwise forgettable moments on the release. They are few however. It may well be that I’ve simply never fully grasped Grindcore or that it has shifted in recent years. I don’t think so though. Bands like CODE OF LIES just seem to welcome chaotic mediocrity in all its seeming mindless glory. One thing the EP has going for it is while not terribly short for an EP, it actually feels like it.

(Online December 6, 2009)

Stephen Rafferty

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