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Dark Forest - Defender EP (7/10) - Great Britain - 2009

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Iron Kodex
Playing time: 9:50
Band homepage: Dark Forest


  1. Defender
  2. I Vow To Thee, My Country
  3. The Wizard Of Alderley Edge
Dark Forest - Defender EP

Rudimentary NWOBHM sounds from a stoically British Heavy Metal band sees DARK FOREST release this three track EP after signing on the doted line with German label Iron Kodex. Incidentally Iron Kodex will also handle the execution of the second long player due in 2010.


This EP follows on from the well received first full length debut ‘’Dark Forest’’ issued at the start of the year (see Jonathon’s review for more info) and whilst I am unfamiliar with the band the sound is a familiar mix of old school UK Metal a la MAIDEN and bits of SLOUGH FEG.


One thing to note is the passing of the mic to newbie Will Lowry-Scott from guitarist Christian Horton and Lowry-Scott is a decent singer but not magnificent. The bands homage to MAIDEN is all too evident from the driving riffs, rumbling bass and twin guitar attack. It’s not however in the slightest bit boring in fact it’s all rather endearing as the band rip through tracks one and three ‘’Defender’’ and ‘’The Wizard Of Alderley Edge’’ with as much Metal gusto as you could wish for. Track two is an instrumental; the re-working of ‘’ The Wizard Of Alderley Edge’’ from the debut album is easily the EP’s highlight as the band try and almost exceed in maintaining 1981’s ‘’Killers’’ record as the last vinyl record ever recorded. And anything recorded after that wholly redundant. Lowry-Scott’s wails reach levels only canines and maybe dolphins could hear but there’s a burgeoning talent contained therein and whilst the production may be slightly un-polished for the more discerning Metal punter DARK FOREST has invoked the spirit of 1981 with heart felt resonance and no little appreciation.

(Online December 23, 2009)

Chris Doran

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