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Cryfemal - Increibles Tormentos (6/10) - Spain - 2009

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Bloodred Horizon Records
Playing time: 32:16
Band homepage: Cryfemal


  1. Delirio Funerario
  2. Orgasmos De Molestación
  3. Pudrición De Enemigos
  4. Horrible & Violenta Demolición
  5. Negro Metal
  6. Viaje A Las Estrellas
  7. El Camino
  8. Alucinación
Cryfemal - Increibles Tormentos

Hailing from Madrid, the one man-project CRYFEMAL is the brainchild of Ebola. The press-release from Bloodred Horizon Records describes his music as "Depressive Necrofeeling Black Metal", but luckily the actual album is a lot less ridiculous than we're led to believe. While CRYFEMAL has churned out some quite melancholic albums in the past, "Increibles Tormentos" is a step towards something far more aggressive.

The most distinct feature of CRYFEMAL are the utterly deranged vocals. Ebola screams and wails like a wounded animal, with the Spanish lyrics buried in vocal effects. The ghastly synths adds a ethereal quality to the music, which sometimes flirts with the perverted sound of bands like CELESTIA. Balancing out the melodic pieces, the other side of the album comes in bursts of full-fledged sonic attacks. On these songs Ebola's vocals really come to their proper use, like a maniac with a machine-gun, but is somewhat drowned out by the relentless drum-machine. It's not the worst case of programmed drums I've heard, but a proper sticksman would have broken the somewhat static mold.

Alternating between mid-tempo melodies and brutal assaults, "Increibles Tormetos" struggles with making a profound impact, in spite of an undeniable tight performance. When it works, it's a pleasure to behold, but too often the attention slips and it falls into generic Black Metal territory. It's clear that Ebola knows how to create quality Black Metal, but evidently there is still a lot of potential for improvement.

(Online December 24, 2009)

Ailo Ravna

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