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Evidence - Spiral (7,5/10) - Portugal - 2002

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Recital Records
Playing time: 55:09
Band homepage: -


  1. Line Of Fire
  2. Promised Land
  3. Desperation
  4. Chances
  5. Against The Tide
  6. Laughing At You
  7. If I Can't Stop The World
  8. Breathe
  9. Spiral
  10. Pull You Out
  11. Prison Walls
Evidence - Spiral
2000 self-produced, now on Recital Records, ladies and gentlemen, fresh from Portugal: EVIDENCE!

Yup, the boys have landed at Recital and their self-produced debut already had been a good one, and with "Spiral" they have taken yet another step forward. Normally Portugal is rather known for the heavier stuff, so Hard Rock is not exactly what you automatically connect with this country, but EVIDENCE might be one of the first reasons, why this could change in the future.

"Spiral" starts out with a classical Hard Rock tune with "Line Of Fire", which should please every fan of the traditional Hard Rock that had its heyday in the Eighties, but transferred into the current sound, so sounding absolutely up-to-date. EVIDENCE do not give us sappy melodies, a polished voice or keyboards, but have an earthy feel, together with the good vocals of Sérgio Sabino, garnished with very good guitarwork as well.

"Against The Tide" sees the tempo pick up a bit, while "Breath" and "Spiral" calm things down again to the more regular speed, before "Pull You Out" speeds things up again.

Anyone into classy Hard Rock, check out EVIDENCE! (Online December 21, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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