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Seventh Calling - Prelude To Madness (7/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Heaven And Hell Records
Playing time: 12:12
Band homepage: Seventh Calling


  1. Blood For The Divine
  2. Deliverance
  3. Lost

A brisk three track album sampler to prepare us for a new album later this year or early 2010 via Heaven And Hell Records, sees SEVENTH CALLING delivering nothing short of three well executed Traditional Metal songs. Mixing in the obsequious influences of MAIDEN/early-SAVATAGE/ICED EARTH, with a TESTAMENT and SLAYER Thrash vibe, SEVENTH CALLING is yet another in an ever increasing line of quality Metal bands hailing from the US of A.


Vocalist Steve Handel handles(!) the singing very well. A rough and not overtly aggressive voice reminds of an unrefined Tim Aymar; the guitar of Alex Ritchie is never more to the front on the excellent Power Metal workout of ‘’Lost’’ and on the whole SEVENTH CALLING is a band to perhaps get very excited about.


If SEVENTH CALLING can replicate the energy and enthusiasm on this EP to a full album then I will be first in the queue to pick that up and here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long.

(Online January 25, 2010)

Chris Doran

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