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Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation (8,5/10) - Norway - 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 38.44
Band homepage: Blood Red Throne


  1. The Light, The Hate
  2. Harme
  3. Throne Of Damnation >mp3
  4. Human Fraud
  5. Demand
  6. Your Cold Flesh
  7. Prove Yourself Dead
  8. Not Turgenjev, But Close Enough
  9. Ten Steps Of Purgatory
Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation

BLOOD RED THRONE’s fifth studio album, "Souls Of Damnation", presents a pretty good listen of Death Metal. It isn’t grandly epic but it isn’t short or dry either. The music has a very simple, but catchy structure; generally the first half of the songs on the album will give a short introductory riff, followed by a repetitive riff that is eventually broken up by a guitar solo before changing to another riff that tends to repeat throughout the rest of the song. These riffs (and solos) are not necessarily memorable, but they add nice variety to the music. There is even some technical bass work (try listening to "Throne Of Damnation" at the time signature 1:59); these moments are usually buried in the music so listen closely amongst all the other firepower. Again, the structure may sound boring, but the tones of the guitars make it interesting enough to hold the listener’s attention. They aren’t trying to be as fast and technical as hell; instead the sound is very mid paced. The drums vary from a war like marching rhythm (though this is certainly not war Metal) to a full, stick hammering machine gun pace with more than enough gusto to get a head bang going. Vocally, BLOOD RED THRONE offers nothing wildly amazing; they are the standard gruff growls layered with some mid to high pitched screams (a good comparison would be Glen Benton of DEICIDE, but this one is less annoying).


Lyrically, the album focuses on violence and killing (they tend to like to focus on knives a lot). This is typical of Death Metal, and this is one of the reasons I did not give them a perfect ten. Other reasons why this album is just ‘good’ and not ‘mind blowing’ is attributed to the music structure. Yes, I know I mentioned it was interesting, but if repetition isn’t on one’s menu then they are going to have doubts about this album. There is one track - oddly enough the last one, "Ten Steps Of Purgatory" - where a very nice variety of riffs and solos (especially near the last minute of the song) are thrown in. Perhaps BLOOD RED THRONE wanted to leave a lasting impression in hopes to make up for the repeated riffs on each other their other songs, but if they had done more musical work like "Ten Steps..." then this album would have been fantastic.

(Online January 29, 2010)

Colin McNamara

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