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We, The Undersigned - Bleed The Constants (-/10) - Canada - 2009

Genre: Hardcore Punk / Modern Metal
Label: Diminished Fifth Records
Playing time: 43:46
Band homepage: We, The Undersigned


  1. Iddqd
  2. Pangaea Mind
  3. Burning Bodies (In The Distance)
  4. Flight Of The Teratorns
  5. Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup
  6. The Eschaton
  7. Bleed The Constants
  8. Samadhi
  9. Making A Break For The Ocean
  10. Strassman's Child

For me, an ignoramus who does not have the slightest idea how valuable this record is with regard to the genre the band plays, writing a fair review seems to be an impossible mission to accomplish owing to the absence of sufficient knowledge—especially that the music is of almost zero appeal to me. I shall therefore choose to abstain from rating this album, only for fear of demonstrating an act of injustice based on the lack of taste buds required to provide credible information about the savour of what is being served here.


For what it is worth, the music, which is elsewhere classified as Experimental Metal, is but a mélange of Hardcore Punk, Alternative Rock, and Metalcore—as if LOVE IS RED, A LOSS FOR WORDS, LIT, and CALIBAN were blended together into one intricate mix of fury, zest, and dynamism. The musicianship is spotless; the riffs are anything but tedious or repetitive; and the song structures are coherently varied, multi-layered and rarely predictable. There is also a syringeful of Progressive Groove injected into the music for an addictive effect.


The band hails from Canada and has certain adolescent Americanness around it that I have obviously grown old for. This is not to say the music is immature; however, I cannot help the fact that the boyishness of vocals and vocal lines is not much to my liking. While listening to this record, not a moment passes without me wishing it were an instrumental act, but at the same time I find it quite easy to appreciate the music for all the effort put into it. I feel like an uninvited guest, though. However fancy the party seems, I know I do not really belong here.

(Online January 30, 2010)


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