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Kilyakai - Without Warning (Single) (4/10) - Canada - 2009

Genre: Death Metal / Metalcore / Melodic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 4:34
Band homepage: Kilyakai


  1. Without Warning

They call Kilyakai "melodic Death Metal." However, when I hear this particular song, I really have to wonder if the music genre labelists are starting to get their sounds mixed up. While the music is most certainly melodic - the catchy guitar rhythms and crunching drums that do not try to be too fast or too slow - there are too many things on this released single to point out that this is not melodic Death Metal...

First off there is the vocals. They are done in a sort of screamed shout, the kind you would  hear on a maybe a Thrash music piece like DEW SCENTED, or from a Metalcore band like HELL WITHIN (SCARS OF TOMORROW also come to mind).  Maybe if you're lucky you'll hear faint roarings on an old AT THE GATES disc or something by DARKANE.  But, when one thinks of melodic Death Metal, they think of either mid pitched shrieking like on that of IN FLAMES or the growls of DARK TRANQUILLITY. And it is not just "growling," per say. There's a sort of edge or harmony that goes with the music. And that is sorely missing from this band. Here the vocals are bellowed and screamed with a certain level of monotony that just does not cut it.

The music itself IS catchy and rhythmic, but overall heavily flawed. The song starts out with a minute introduction about an "emergency" and then the guitars and vocals kick in. But the structure of the music just isn't singing melodic Death Metal; the chugging guitars and chunky bass sound keeps on bringing back to mind the sound of the early year 2000 Hardcore and Metalcore bands. It is not bad music, but it just isn't melodic Death Metal. Where's the harmony, the possible beauty of keyboards, the varied melody lines? A melodic Death Metal band is supposed to be something you can ease down into while also being able to bang your head plenty. And sadly, KILYAKAI just seems to create a stale stiffness with thier music instead.

(Online February 6, 2010)

Colin McNamara

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