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Mentally Defiled - The Thrash Brigade (4/10) - Greece - 2009

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Thrash Massacre Records
Playing time: 35:48
Band homepage: Mentally Defiled


  1. Prelude To Violence
  2. Necrohooligan
  3. Mosh Pit Maniac
  4. The Thrash Brigade
  5. Schizophrenic
  6. Lunar Chaos
  7. Politisize
  8. Leatherface (Watch Me Die)
  9. The Thrash Brigade (Extended Version)
Mentally Defiled - The Thrash Brigade

I’m perhaps over-simplifying things here but  for me the essential ingredients of any good Thrash album are speed, catchy riffs, and a lively sense of energy/attitude. Greek act MENTALLY DEFILED has a few of these elements at play in their sound but definitely not enough of it, and the end result is an album that occasionally hints at relative decency but always ends up firing blanks at crucial points and thus never approximating anything truly worthwhile.

If I had my way that would be the review as is, but I suppose some more “in depth” analysis is required. Quite a tricky proposition seeing as there’s very little to write home about, apart from the overbearing dullness that has a decisive stranglehold over each and every song on here. After the rather superfluous intro the album gets off to a decent start with the amusingly titled “Necrohooligan”, a track that packs a lot of out-of-the-blocks speed, some intuitive drumming (lots of cymbal crashing), but the somewhat tough guy vocals detract from the overall experience. The title track is an absolute bore, made even worse by the fact that there is even an extended version tacked on to the end), “Schizophrenic” is more in the Hardcore vein, while “Lunar Chaos” is a slower number that has a nice melodic intro but falls apart soon thereafter. This incoherency effectively dooms the album, with only a few piecemeal catchy Thrash moments breaking the monotony. An album that has such a glaring lack of ‘follow through’ definitely isn’t my idea of fun, especially for Thrash (a genre that needs to keep the riffs flowing and the fists pumping).

I suppose you can find far worse examples of the genre out there, especially among all these current ‘retro’ acts, but these Greeks have a long way to go before they can hope to challenge the heavyweights of the scene. If you like the slightly more groove/HC approach that also-rans DEFIANCE took on “Beyond Recognition” then check this out, but you’d be best off sticking to the established classics and not this conveyer belt wannabe drivel...

(Online February 6, 2010)

Neil Pretorius

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