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Witchmaster - Tricüzna (7,5/10) - Poland - 2009

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Agonia Records
Playing time: 32:11
Band homepage: Witchmaster


  1. Tricüzna
  2. Self-inflicted Divinity
  3. Total Annihilation
  4. Road To Treblinka
  5. Two-point Suicide
  6. Back To The Bunker
  7. Bred In Captivity
  8. Black Scum
  9. Tricüzna (Demo Version)
Witchmaster - Tricüzna

WITCHMASTER is a sporadically active project of a few members from PROFANUM, and luckily the sound here is literally the polar opposite of the trudging Black/Doom that the latter specialized in. What we have here is nine tracks of gloriously belligerent tear-your-face-off Thrash that rarely lets up. I’ve sat through this one a few times already, my ears (as well as a few other orifices) are bleeding, my head is ringing – certainly not an album to play when nestling around the fireplace – but I’m digging the hell out of it!

“Tricüzna” is not an album that will revolutionize the genre, not by a long shot, but if raw, dirty Thrash (with the occasional Grind flourish) is your thang then you should hasten to a check out these pissed-off Poles ASAP. They don’t sound alike at all but the atmosphere here is similar to that of DARKTHRONE’s recent works, in that you get the feeling they just take a lot of old school riffs as the core element and then basically wing the rest. There is thus an understandable fragmented approach going on here (riffs switch back and forth in the most abrupt manner, the drumming is often double the pace it really needs to be etc), but it all adds to the rather enjoyable recklessness of it all. Take a whack of NIFELHEIM riffs, throw in a bit of NAILBOMB (in terms of the occasional groove and industrial noise that permeate the disc), splice it with the aforementioned maniacal almost Grind-like drumming and you have WITCHMASTER. A soundtrack to anything that involves leather, spikes, lead pipes, alcohol and unchecked random violence (i.e. a party at fellow scribe Matt’s house...). Just listen to positively seething aggression of “Road To Treblinka” and “Self-inflicted Divinity” to see what I’m ranting and raving about...

Definitely an album to get you in the mood for some good friendly violent fun, and one of the better examples of a bunch of musicians that made the transition from forest dwelling to suburban savagery with relative ease.

(Online February 7, 2010)

Neil Pretorius

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