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Tank - Still At War (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Spiritual Beast/Zoom Club
Playing time: 69:57
Band homepage: -


  1. Still At War
  2. T.G.N.I.D.
  3. Light The Fire (Watch 'Em Burn)
  4. The World Awaits
  5. And Then We Heard The Thunder
  6. In The Last Hours Before Dawn
  7. Conspiracy Of Hate
  8. When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
  9. Return Of The Filth Hounds
  10. The Blood's Still On Their Hands
  11. The Fear Inside
  12. C-ing Dub-all
  13. Still At War (Single Mix)
Tank - Still At War
The tank rolls again! TANK are back! Back with vengeance!!!

With its sixth album, the tank is again in the battle for true Heavy Metal. At first on a Japanese battlefield of honour, but it can only be a question of time when the tank will slay down whole Europe.

Let us be serious: With "Still At War", TANK offer us, possibly, their best album ever but apart from the Japanese, nobody recognized that. This can't be true at all! Where are the whole Label bosses, who release one Truelala record after another?

TANK is still as great as the very old MOTÖRHEAD records, just as rough, heavy, brutal and catchy as ever, without copying Lemmy and his mates, sometimes jaunty like in the title song, sometimes relaxing like in "The World Awaits", sometimes gloomy grooving like in "In The Last Hours Before Dawn", sometimes just attacking like in "Return Of The Filth Hounds", which is about the gig in Offenbach's MTW with HAMMERFALL and RAVEN (12.8.97)

Every song is much strong Heavy Metal. The right music to drink some beers because TANK is drinkin' music! It is normal, that Japanese CDs include some bonus tracks, alike on this record, so you get a single version of the title track and the up-tempo smasher "C-in Dub-all". (Online December 29, 2002)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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