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Thy Flesh Consumed - Unrepentant (6/10) - Canada - 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diminished Fifth Records
Playing time: 41:37
Band homepage: Thy Flesh Consumed


  1. Siege Engine Of Unreligion
  2. The Disciplined Scorn
  3. Blood Drenched Creation
  4. The Demolition Of Thought
  5. Ordinance Subservience
  6. Devout Heathen
  7. Hasten The Apocalypse
  8. Sacrilege And Clarity
  9. Thralldom Of The Crowning Mania

This is THY FLESH CONSUMED’s fourth release, having first formed in 2001 and having worked non-stop ever since. They’ve garnered interest in Canada, simply because of their work ethic and due to reports that their live shows are something to behold, but this is the first time I’ve heard a whole album from them. So, with great interest, I listened to “Unrepentant”.


One of the things that I noticed that the band doesn’t stick to any of the “subgenres” of Death Metal, instead opting to spew forth hatred and ugliness in any way they can. What I mean is that the band doesn’t just play Blackened Death, or Old School Death, or Tech Death all the way through. The band changes things up as the songs and the album goes on, which makes it pretty refreshing, when compared to bands that seem to abide by a strict code that tells them what they can and can’t do when writing. Simply put, the guys in the band are pissed off and angry, and using to lash out and get their frustrations out.


What I don’t like is the constant barrage of sound that just emanates from the speakers, and is pretty much relentless all throughout the album. The constant flurry of notes and blasting takes AWAY from the overall brutality and the impact of the speed is lost, and the heaviness suffers as well. Also, the mentality of “pummel the listener!” turns said flurry of notes into a huge mash of sound, and it results in there being few memorable riffs being present on “Unrepentant”. It’s just constant hate and ugliness all the way through, without any stand-out moments or hooks anywhere.


That said...It’s not a bad album at all. The songs are well crafted individually, the band is very tight, and the band just spits out vile messages at every opportunity, so the energy is available in spades, and it’s pretty visceral.


Mildly recommended, but the music rends itself thin pretty quickly.

(Online February 21, 2010)

Armen Janjanian

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