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Messiah - Hymn To Abramelin (9/10) - Switzerland - 1986/2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 61:47
Band homepage: Messiah


  1. Hymn To Abramelin
  2. Messiah (extra version)
  3. Anarchus
  4. Space Invaders
  5. Thrashing Madness
  6. Future Agressor
  7. Empire Of The Damnned
  8. Total Maniac
  9. The Dentist
  10. Wytchcyrcle (Bonus)
  11. Speedfight (Bonus)
  12. Mortal Bells (Bonus)
  13. (Never Provide) The Key Of Hell (Bonus)
Messiah - Hymn To Abramelin
After the first CD release in 1990 on Nuclear Blast Records, the first two records of the Swiss Death Metal pioneers MESSIAH are now re-released on Massacre Records.

MESSIAH's debut album "Hymn To Abramelin" had been released firstly in 1986 on the small label Chainsaw Murder Records and it had been one of the most violent records ever. Too violent for the magazines, so the bad reviews hadn't long to wait. The songs are still doubtless great. Simple but not unimaginative, brutal Death Metal killers with absolute hymn characteristics.

The songs aren't played just in a hellish tempo, no, many lower parts make the CD to a pretty intensive highlight. Who likes songs like KREATOR's "Tormentor" or VENOM's "Black Metal" will have some fun with MESSIAH's creations like "Anarchus", "Future Agressor", "Empire Of The Damned"... Provided, that you can tolerate Tschösi's voice because the guy is and was the most extreme squaller ever.

Besides many photos of the old days, the CD offers moreover four unreleased bonus tracks, which are presented in a primitive demo sound but though, the songs are also very good. If there's a record, which deserves the mark "cult", then it's doubtless "Hymn To Abramelin". (Online January 08, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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