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Unconventional Disruption - In A Life Of Death To Nothing (5/10) - Italy - 2009

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:24
Band homepage: Unconventional Disruption


  1. Bleeding Breed
  2. In Denaturalization Of Ground
  3. Enaturalization Of Ground
  4. Melting God
  5. Deformed Souls
  6. Rectitude?

Unfortunately for these Italians, their moniker does not quite fit their musical direction, if one can judge by their initial EP. While not just a perfunctory Death/Grind band, UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION though are actually rather mundane for the most part and I don’t find that much unconventional about them. Now, they do churn out some tasty riffs and tempo changes within a few of the songs on “In A Life Of Death To Nothing”, but it’s nothing terribly fresh or head turning.


Basically the band’s spine is to splay out down-tuned riffs at a rather sluggish pace, almost on a note-by-note basis, and I have to say to my ear I hear some aspects of Nu-Metal creep in to many of the passages on songs like “Denaturalization Of Ground”, as with some others; mixed in with this are some quite niftier technical moments of drumming and more dynamic guitar work. These more engaging and demanding moments are mitigated however by a tenor that moves very little throughout the EP and again is bogged down by a tepid pace which lacks the necessary groove or force that is needed to make such a tempo work well. Most of the songs are indistinguishable and part of that problem is the mentioned backbone of note picked, super down-tuned riffs which seem to shift little from track to track.


In some places UD are being compared to the likes of GOJIRA and on their Facebook/Myspace pages they claim to be Experimental Death Metal. I wish that were the case, but unfortunately it is not. A track like “Melting In God” exemplifies this with a lumbering rhythm that goes nowhere fast and grates the nerves after only a moment or so. Just a technical note to UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION or other underground bands: don’t leave 10 seconds between tracks. You wonder if the album has stopped and that really takes you out of the mood, if one has been created.

(Online March 12, 2010)

Stephen Rafferty

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