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Insania And The Aristocracy Of New Outlaws - Trans-Mystic Anarchy (8/10) - Czech Republic - 2002

Genre: Punk Metal
Label: Redblack Productions
Playing time: 51:11
Band homepage: Insania And The Aristocracy Of New Outlaws


  1. Hell Knows Who We Are
  2. The Lunar Priestess And The King Of Sun
  3. Knock On Hell's Door (Blasphemy Is Evergreen For Us)
  4. With Us, Against Us (The Universe Is Our Double Agent)
  5. The Quarrel Between Minor And Major Spaceship Navigating Computers
  6. Murder In The Old Astronomical Observatory
  7. Heretical Anarchy Is Perfect Therapy
  8. Behind The Sky
  9. Chaos! Fire! Heat! Storm! (Silence Is Death)
  10. Moribayassa
  11. Hallelujah
  12. Mother Theresa And Faust
  13. Blue Silent Spell
  14. Kill Me Before I Kill You (Lovesong)
  15. Yesternight
  16. The Copulation Between The Electric Guitar And Emmy Destinn
Insania And The Aristocracy Of New Outlaws - Trans-Mystic Anarchy
INSANIA & THE ARISTOCRACY OF NEW OUTLAWS come from the Czech Republic and with "Trans-Mystic Anarchy" they present us their fifth or sixth album. I can recommend this only provisory for Metal fans but who can think of a mixture of BAD RELIGION melodies and mad WALTARI song fragments with much humour, will be right with this combo.

Songs like the jaunty, punky "The Lunar Priestess And The King Of Sun", the melancholic Good Night song "Behind The Sky" with its strange guitar passages, which sounds like orchestrated whale songs, the heavy rocking, with Ska-influences ennobled "Chaos! Fire! Heat! Storm! (Silence Is Death)", the song "Moribayassa", which is enriched with African drums, which makes SEPULTURA forgotten, or "Mother Theresa And Faust", which seems like NASTY SAVAGE meets the FEEBLES, makes a lot of fun.

The songs are altogether very catchy but they aren't no easy listening mainstream shit, though. So, it's right! (Online January 08, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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