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Titan's Eve - Titan's Eve (7,5/10) - Canada - 2009

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 16:26
Band homepage: Titan's Eve


  1. Tides Of Doom
  2. Into The Fire
  3. Searching For Nothing
  4. Living Lifeless

Ever wondered what Robb Flynn would sound like if he actually decided to knock off this Groove Metal nonsense that he’s been caught up in for the past 15 years and started a new Thrash Metal project with him at lead vocals, but perhaps with a character more befitting of a DESTRUCTION meets ANTHRAX sound? Well then, look no further than this up and coming, but still very much underground Canadian sensation in TITAN’S EVE, a band that seems to understand that keeping the Punk influences of the Thrash spirit at the helm doesn’t necessitate morphing yourself into a stocking-cap toting homeboy caricature.


Their debut offering, and a rather impressive little EP at that given its independent origin, spares no amount of speed or aggression in its pursuit of kicking the listener’s ear drums in. Each of its four compact songs unravels in a solid display of technical brilliance by each player, succeeding in being both heavy and also quite catchy. The choruses are primarily gang oriented, and are quite conducive to the obligatory, fist in the air audience participation at any small or moderate sized venue.


The character of the riff work on each song unfolds a bit differently, as the opener “Tides Of Doom” takes on a blurry Speed Metal character, while “Living Lifeless” hits a few solid Bay Area inspired riff moments. “Searching For Nothing” settles into the slower vain of early 90s Thrash ala “Persistence of Time” with perhaps a tinge of “Among The Living” here and there, and “Into The Fire” takes on a slower, almost Power Metal character in the vain of DESTRUCTION, albeit with a deep, throaty vocal performance that compares more to the better moments of early MACHINE HEAD.


Those who are looking for something interesting from an unsigned, and maybe soon to be contender in the reviving Thrash scene will definitely find things to like on here. The only thing that really works against this EP in a noticeable way is the overtly high-end sounding guitar tone and a bit too much tininess coming from an overuse of the crash cymbal and an over-emphasis on the cymbals in general in the production. But as far as quality songs go, TITAN’S EVE has got them, and will likely continue to do so when they put out the full length album that they are currently working on.

(Online March 16, 2010)

Jonathan Smith

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