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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - DEFEAT THE LIE - The Life Forsaken EP

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Defeat The Lie - The Life Forsaken EP (8,5/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Hard Rock / Metalcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:00
Band homepage: Defeat The Lie


  1. Remember Your Name
  2. The Life Forsaken
  3. Casting Stones

DEFEAT THE LIE is a quartet from Colorado that perform pummeling Hard Rock tinged with metalcore.  Their EP, "The Life Forsaken", is but a preview of what the band has to offer.  And it sounds pretty damned good.  Starting with "Remember Your Name" the listener is given a guitar overdrive chock full of melody that is full of life and promise.  The drums (armed by a mysterious fifth member of the band who was left unnamed on the group's Myspace) hold a strong presence to support the rest of the music; it isn't anything fanatical along the lines of a band like VITAL REMAINS, but it is simple and rhythmic enough to keep the listener's attention.  The vocals are a mix between a scream one might hear from a metalcore band like SCARS OF TOMORROW or WITH DEAD HANDS RISING.  Nothing new and nothing that inspirational.  The clean vocals, however, stand out above the rest as the vocalist sings in a low, groovy style that suits the music well atmospherically.  It doesn't try to overpower or be the loudest thing in the band, instead the vocals sort of hum their way with rest of the instruments, creating a great listening effect.  There's even moments when the singing is done so well that when the screaming comes in it just ruins the entire song.  Fortunately, these moments are rare.

The second track is the title track of the album and follows the same formula as the first: guitar and bass driven with the drums in the background.  The music is held together by two to three riffs, leaving the vocals to carry the rest of the weight.  The singing is a littler stronger here in the sense it doesn't have the low croon to it that was as effective on the first song.  This is not a bad thing, however.  Less screaming is  here as well.  The final track, "Casting Stones," holds a tempo that is very different from the first two tracks.  It doesn't try to be as melodic or catchy; instead it is a great Rock based track to pump your fist to and enjoy.  None of instruments are trying to overpower the other, creating a special harmony.  There's a good balance of screaming and singing for fans to appreciate too. 

Altogether, DEFEAT THE LIE have created the beginning to something pretty neat.  It isn't revolutionary but it is performed very well.  The band's talent at taking Hard Rock and Metalcore together while bringing out the best elements of both genres is paramount, and a sign of things to come.  Fans of MUDVAYNE, AMORPHIS, and THROWDOWN will find this a treat.

(Online March 14, 2010)

Colin McNamara

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