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Painful - Pain Is The Law (3/10) - Germany - 2009

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Uniqueopia Records
Playing time: 48:05
Band homepage: Painful


  1. Demon's Call For Blood  
  2. Painful 
  3. Massacre  
  4. Addition Of Fear
  5. Pain Is The Law 
  6. Orpheus  
  7. Berserker 
  8. Revelation
  9. Dark Ignorance 
  10. The Way To Die  
  11. The Last Fight

Hmm...let's see, I've got some tea here...second spin of the album...just ate a nice sandwich with some chicken in it.. I don't know, whatever, where do we begin here? PAINFUL. PAINFUL might not quite be the right name for this band, since it's not as painful to listen to. This little Baden-Baden band has high aspirations and seem to mean well, but there still is the natural spice the music needs to achieve some sort of emotional impact. Painful play painfully slow and painfully generic, painfully dull and painfully spiritless. Germany is that sort of country that is mostly full of generic cloning, but heck, in the age of mass information, every country is filling itself up with hundreds of copycats, flooding the scene and breeding like rats (pun intended).


Baden-Württemberg is home to a whole lot of (Brutal) Death Metal acts and also to some very neat Grindcore acts. I remember going there to a weekend death metal festival a couple of years back, when my ex-band was playing there. Painful, however, play a mix out of Black/Death and Thrash Metal, with no real connection to any of the genres, but with just a little influence from everywhere. The band does not have any and all qualities that surpass anything, therefore not making them great. "Pain Is The Law" could have been a SODOM track title, but I fail to understand the picture here and I fail to understand what they are trying to pull here. Every song resembles the other and there is no general direction this is heading. Imagine some sound waves coming your direction and not having any at all impact on your psyche. The instruments are very thin and poorly produced, with a very disgusting shriek to them, everything sounds too high pitched and without a foundation.


"Your life is painful until death.

You'll never win the war of life.

Your real life starts after death.

Your mind will be free, reborn in pain."


Lyrics don't offer much here, even though the vocalist or lyrical writer seems to have put some energy into writing this stuff, well it's not efficient. Mostly they deal with... well depicting of pain in several ways, such as loss, war, tragedy, whatever. The singer's voice sounds extremely thin and it seems like he's trying to imitate some sort of raspy shrieks and low intimidating grunts, but fails miserably. The generic Metalcore riff is head here and there, as well as the so called "Gothenburg"-recycle riff, making this experience a rather dull and forgettable one.


"We are better than you, fuck you…!!!"


Yeah... whatever, next time get the music to actually fit the track list, as it's all jumbled up the way I got it. "Beserker" is labeled as "Dark Ignorance" and so on... nothing to see here guys, let's more on. Skip this.

(Online October 15, 2010)

Aris Stefanov

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