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Cenotaph - Saga Belica (6/10) - Mexico - 2002

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: System Shock
Playing time: 38:16
Band homepage: Cenotaph


  1. Iron Peaks And Fists
  2. Holocausto Riot
  3. Everlasting Command
  4. Hurricane Cenotaph
  5. Owners Of Torment
  6. Lambs For Wolfs
  7. Necrocommandments
  8. Saga Belica
Cenotaph - Saga Belica
They are called a legend out of Mexico, similar to what SEPULTURA had been to Brazil all those years back: CENOTAPH. "Saga Belica" is their fourth complete album in ten years and trust me, they take no prisoners!

Hefty Thrash Metal with some Death Metal-influences in the voice is what we get, six years after their previous album "Epic Rites" and a few months before they called it quits. Yes, after all that time they split up and I am not sure, if after "Saga Belica" this is something we have to shed too many tears about...

OK, now don't get me wrong, I do not think that they suck, the production is very good, the guys can play, no question, and the songs are not bad, it's just that they do not exactly have much that could set them apart from the rest of the Thrash-community, even though I can attest them a whole wagonload of power and force. And Opener "Iron Peaks And Fists" will easily blow you through the wall and closer "Saga Belica" has some excellent guitars on offer.

So for a farewell-album not bad, but nothing that would really make CENOTAPH stand out in the more extreme part of the Thrash-spectrum... (Online December 26, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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