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Mind Infection - Chaos City (1/10) - Finland - 2009

Genre: Glam Rock / Party Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 26:09
Band homepage: Mind Infection


  1. Chaos City 
  2. Alive N' Kickin
  3. Otherside
  4. R'N'R State Of Mind
  5. Call Of The Wild 
  6. Slave To The Rhythm

I smell Europe Music Awards.

What do you get when you mix up traditional exhibitionist Glam Rock, theatrical cheesy songs with the contemporary optimistic pop culture that preaches infinite "happenings" and mass information flow? Well, you could get a lot of things, you could come up with one or more of the following: an acid-addicted hobo, an illogical attention whore, LORDI, an artificial thinking man-robot or you can get an immensely annoying musical piece that tries to be KISS, but fails at even reaching LORDI's level. For those of you who never heard of KISS, stop reading this right now and buy "Destroyer" or "Hotter than Hell" and listen to them for about 1000 times. For those of you who don't know LORDI, well, you should consider yourselves thankful and should hook up to the next best religion, be thankful to the lord (whoever that may be) and live a life full of happiness and joy, for you have been spared the incredibly lame and unnecessary performance and presentation of everything that's wrong with our society today. Think of it as action figures come to life and trying to take over Metal and present it as "hard" and "sincere", well that's a load of bull.

MIND INFECTION is exactly what the name stands for. This band will try to infect feeble minds with the acid-laced feces they call music and drag you into their hole of uninspiring, boring and mind-numbing conglomerate of present experiences. In other words, I'd gladly listen to Britney Spears, or CANNIBAL CORPSE for that matter, since both artists have the same value when it comes to expression through music. While this may certainly be an exaggeration comparing the latter with this band, the main difference is that both of them go at least in some direction, be it dull gore or pseudo-emotional rubbish, they know exactly what their path is. Mind Infection however, are a bland of idiotic clichés that surpass their dullness only with their bravery. To put out something like this, you must certainly believe in artists such as "IWRESTLEDAGAYONCE" or "BR00TALBR3KD0WN" and adhere to a philosophy of absolute emotional dominance, frequently get drunk on behalf of your accomplishments and live for the day. This "carpe diem" mentality will surely get you to put out stuff like this that "captures the spirit of Rock'n'Roll", at least in your mind. What I'm trying to get a hold of here is how incredibly annoying this record, and some music in general, is. It seems to be stitched together with different parts of Glam/Punk/Alternative Rock, lacking any at all aspect of aesthetics of Metal at all, without any spark of seriousness, being only extremely comical like those guys that dress up as dinosaurs and play playback live.

Everything you will hear in the following 26:09 minutes is a bland mix of generic computer-game sounding soli, with watered down guitar riffs, that go nowhere and follow the same dull pattern, "slamming" drums that repeat the same jumpy beats and simple, weak, colorless vocals that are as wimpy as the whole goddamn composition. There is absolutely no way and no condition in which I would ever enjoy this symphony of nothing. Avoid this band if you like quality music, get it if you feel lucky.

(Online April 20, 2010)

Aris Stefanov

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