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10 tablatures for Edguy

Edguy - Fucking With Fire-Live (-/10) - Germany - 2009

Genre: Melodic Metal / Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 98:12
Band homepage: Edguy


CD 1

  1. Catch Of The Century
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Babylon
  4. Lavatory Love Machine
  5. Vain Glory Opera
  6. Land Of The Miracle
  7. Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)

CD 2

  1. Superheroes
  2. Save Me
  3. Tears Of A Mandrake
  4. Mysteria
  5. Avantasia
  6. King Of Fools
  7. Out Of Control

EDGUY are known to be a band that does not take itself too seriously and having seen them live several times I can attest to it that they are heaps of fun to watch on stage, especially thanks to the hilarious stage antics of fronter Tobi Sammet, who is not only excellent on the mic, but also an entertainer of his own right, so when “Fucking With Fire-Live”, a double CD with 14 originals, came sailing by, I happily extended my hand to snatch it out of the pool of releases out there, even though I often find myself being disappointed with live releases.


Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during their 2006 “Rocket Ride World Tour”, “Fucking With Fire” touches back all the way to their breakthrough album “Vain Glory Opera” and obviously has its main focus on “Rocket Ride” and Brazil always is a great place to record a live album, as the reactions of the fans are great and the crowd eats out of Tobi’s hand, which is no wonder, as he knows exactly what to do to entertain the masses between the songs, which also cover the whole spectrum from ballads over epics to high-speed crackers and the newer material fits in nicely with the old classics. The production is clear and powerful and showcases the talent of the band besides entertaining, that being strong songwriting and tight musicianship overall.


In between the emotional ballads “Land Of The Miracle” and “Save Me” we get ultra catchy tunes of the likes of “Catch Of The Century” or “Lavatory Love Machine” as well as the double-bass driven gallopers “Babylon” and “Mysteria” or the long epics of “Tears Of A Mandrake”, “Sacrifice” or the title track of Tobi’s solo project AVANTASIA, so we get just the right balance between the three legs that EDGUY stand on.


So you have to ask yourself the following questions (if you answer yes, please proceed to the next question): Do you like EDGUY? Do you like live albums? Can you afford a live album? If you still said yes, go, get it, if you stopped after the second, I feel for you, if you didn’t even manage to say yes to the first one, why are you reading this?

(Online February 19, 2010)

Alexander Melzer

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