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Corroded - Eleven Shades Of Black (5,5/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Ninetone Records
Playing time: 49:49
Band homepage: Corroded


  1. 6 Ft. Of Anger
  2. Time And Again
  3. King Of Nothing
  4. Leave Me Alone
  5. Come On In
  6. Inside You
  7. Bleed
  8. Scarred
  9. Token
  10. All The Voices
  11. Enigma
  12. Alpha & Omega

Sweden's CORRODED seem to be the flagship band for Ninetone Records, a haven for Hard Rock/pseudo Metal in Sweden. Upon first listen, I was reminded of a fair number of Hard/Alt/Post-Grunge bands that I've heard stateside. The production on this album is extremely polished, with very thick, heavy guitar lines, and a fair amount of vocal effects thrown in on at least half the tracks. The tracks are all tepidly named, the majority of the lyrics are bleak and the general semi-catchy vocal hooks and choruses vary only slightly from song to song. Fans of the genre will probably enjoy it a fair amount, with it's dark, angry, and somewhat heavy feel.

Despite all that, there's some good to be found here. The first track, “6 Ft. Of Anger”, is a catchy track, as well as “King Of Nothing”, which has a bit more drive, and less sludge-slinging. There are a few moments during this album where the guitars would break for a brief and catchy diversion rather than the endlessly redundant main riffs of most songs, but would be back in the rut before long. However, it was these brief passages that made me wonder why CORRODED can't do something a little more creative.

And really, that's the whole problem with “Eleven Shades Of Black”. With the exception of the aforementioned songs, the musical ideas seemed to be recycled throughout most of the album. It's not that the tracks run together, there's a fair difference in tempo, vocal lines, you name it. More so, the album seems to move from one brick of internally repititious sound to the next. I can respect that this album seems to me to succeed at exactly what Hard Rock and Nu-Metal bands aim to achieve, but I can disregard it due to its mediocrity and blandness. There's some talent in there, so we'll give CORRODED a couple of years to see if their songwriting skills improve to the point where they can produce something truly memorable.

(Online April 26, 2010)

Daniel Millard

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