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Danzig - s/t (8,5/10) - USA - 1988

Genre: Blues / Heavy Metal
Label: Def American
Playing time: 40:55
Band homepage: -


  1. Twist Of Cain
  2. Not Of This World
  3. She Rides
  4. Soul On Fire
  5. Am I Demon
  6. Mother
  7. Possession
  8. End Of Time
  9. The Hunter
  10. Evil Thing


In 1988, Glenn Danzig had laid his SAMHAIN project to rest, and set to making music with a more suitable and consistent lineup. The band's debut album was self titled, and has a good deal of music to be enjoyed. First off, the sound quality os only average. The drums are thin, the guitars sound bloodless, and there is a slight hollow feeling to the songs. This, however, doesn't keep the album from having some amazing moments.

Deciding to begin with a heavier rocking song, "Twist Of Cain" starts things off with a dreary howl. The lyrics are Satanic and religious in nature, but never in a contrived manner. "Not Of This World", is less astounding, and has a more generic Rock vibe weighing it down, but "She Rides" offers a momentum and dark atmosphere that is contagious. While being a little slow, the song is great. I feel this album shows a lot of what Danzig could do as a vocalist and songwriter, without giving away his full potential.

The music here will make you feel like a witch or wizard at black mass, or like you''re in a room full of jet cats and pentagram covered walls. Danzig is a stickler for melodies, and when they are at the forefront, they can hit you powerfully. Many of the songs could have been fleshed out and spruced up with more mood filling vibrancy, which leaves everything twinged with the air of a solid demo record.

I couldn't forget to mention the one and only radio hit Danzig ever achieved: "Mother", which had relatively high MTV and radio play a few years after the album was released. It has great overt melodies, and the solo is fantastic, making it a stunning highlight. "Possession" follows, without actually missing a beat or losing any steam. This comes to the final album highlight, which is the heavily DOORS influenced "End Of Time". After this, the last two songs leave something to be desired. "The Hunter" rocks, but lacks the same personality that the album's highlights have.

In all, DANZIG's self titled debut has all the promise of a freshman indoctrination, without being boring or thoughtless. DANZIG would go on to accomplish more, as a band and as a musical force, but for now they offer a fine collection of solid Metal songs, mired by the offhand down point, and elevated by the offhand classic. I invite you to become lost in the depths of Danzig's great singing.

Best Song: "Mother"

Worst Song: "Not Of This World"

Guest review by Dustin Tate

(Online May 11, 2010)

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