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Overkill - Ironbound (10/10) - USA - 2010

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 58:04
Band homepage: Overkill


  1. The Green And Black
  2. Ironbound
  3. Bring Me The Night
  4. The Goal Is Your Soul
  5. Give A Little
  6. Endless War
  7. The Head And Heart
  8. In Vain
  9. Killing For A Living
  10. The SRC
Overkill - Ironbound

OVERKILL has been on a roll for the last decade or so with release after release of solid Metal records. Some of them have been better than others and towards the end of the 00s, they started moving towards their bluesy style once again. Don’t get me wrong, “Immortalis” is still a beast of a record, but it wasn’t the purest Thrash they have ever released. So now begins a new year and a new decade and OVERKILL is here once again with another stellar release called “Ironbound”.


Once again, I thought “Immortalis” was a badass record, and I’m not kidding when I say that “Ironbound” tops it in almost every way. The band reverts back towards their East Coast Thrash sound once again and it’s hard for me to say that this isn’t the best album they have released since “The Years Of Decay”.


“Ironbound” is an entirely different beast then what the band has been heading towards in the last few years. This one is far more chaotic in its structuring, playing, and general atmosphere which is what gives it that truly old school Thrash vibe. The band has seemingly stepped it up a notch in this department and honestly, it’s hard not to love this intensely. The band has notched up everything on this album. The writing is more intense, layered, and winding. The performances are insane. Even the production has a notched up raw touch to it that matches the music perfectly. OVERKILL was brilliant before, but this puts them strongly up top with amazing Thrash albums.


Musically, “Ironbound” is some insane Thrash. Almost all of the bluesy elements are void on this record and even though some of the more modern touches make their appearances like on the Groovy riff of “Give A Little”, this is almost all strictly old school so fans of their earlier material can rejoice. The riffs are quick and shift often, the leads melodic and catchy, the solos spastic and borderline over the top, and the drumming is off the wall in its variety and precision (with beautiful flourishes here and there). The bass is heavy in the mix and one of the best parts of this album as it actually has its own life and Blitz’s shrill vocals and wails are there in full. Time has actually graveled his voice down quite a bit, but it actually fits the album even better this way. OVERKILL is in top performance on “Ironbound” and with the sick song writing skills and chemistry they ignite, it makes this album a time traveling monster that any Thrash fan is going to instantly fall in love with.


I don’t care who you are, if you have any kind of love of Thrash or old school OVERKILL, than this album is a must have for your collection. It’s hard to say so early in 2010, but this is already a contender for top spot for this guy for the year. It’s hard to imagine too much that is going to top how good this album is.


Songs to check out: “Ironbound”, “Give A Little”, “The Head And Heart”.

(Online May 17, 2010)

Matt Reifschneider

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