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Blood - O Agios Pethane (9,5/10) - Germany - 1993

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Leviathan Records
Playing time: 32:35
Band homepage: Blood


  1. Intro
  2. Kadath
  3. Cannibal Ritual
  4. Profanity
  5. Submission
  6. Sodomize The Weak
  7. Punishment
  8. Christbait
  9. Dread
  10. Wings Of Desecration
  11. By The Way Of Grace
  12. God Left The World
  13. Aesta Ta Malakja Sou
  14. Revelation
  15. Divine Seed
  16. Spasmo Paralytic Dreams
  17. Lamentation
  18. Stream Of Anguish
  19. Blood For Blood
  20. Outro

If I were to make a list of the ten most underrated bands in the history of Metal, Germany’s BLOOD would definitely make my list. For some reason, despite existing since 1986 and helping to pioneer both Grindcore and Death Metal, they remain largely unrecognized by the Metal community as a whole.


Along with BRUTAL TRUTH, ASSUCK, and BOLT THROWER, BLOOD were one of the first bands to fuse Grindcore with Death Metal. “O Agios Pethane” was originally issued on 1MF records, which seems to now be defunct. It was re-issued again in 2000, but it’s still hard to get a physical copy of this album, and many of their other albums (poor distribution could be why this band is still so largely unheard of). Though far from the average Grindcore album, it may be appreciated by both Grind enthusiasts as well as those who prefer Death Metal.


The music here is blasting, chaotic Grindcore with touches of Death Metal and sprinklings of Hardcore Punk. Witness the full on D-beat assault of “Dread” and “Punishment”, the short blasts of “Wings of Declaration” and “Profanity”, or the chunky, neck-snapping riffage of “Cannibal Ritual”. This album has everything a fan of aforementioned genres could hope for. Vocals are a literal roar, sometimes offset with high pitched screams, and even the occasional evil laugh which works quite well. Especially intriguing to me is the percussive manner that the guitar is played, complimenting the abrupt changes of the drums perfectly. What is also present here is influence from bands like BLASPHEMY, early IMPALED NAZARENE, and BELIAL (from Finland). With a dense, heavy guitar tone, sinister, intimidating mood, and quite excellent production (for the time period or just in general), this album and BLOOD stand at the head of the class.


Learn from the masters, and while you’re at it, get this album.



(Online May 16, 2010)

Christopher Karlas

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