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Killers - Mauvaises Graines (9/10) - France - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Brennus Music
Playing time: 44:20
Band homepage: Killers


  1. Attaque
  2. Le Secret Des Dieux
  3. Le Loup
  4. Mauvaise Graine
  5. Le Meilleur Des Mondes
  6. Azken Agurraren Negarra
  7. Sous France
  8. 1984
  9. L'Hiver
  10. Avenir Passe
  11. La Reine Des Nuisibles
Killers - Mauvaises Graines
Oh, when I think back at the times when I had been totally into French steel like SORTILEGE, ADX or H-BOMB... I relived this feeling when I put in the latest, by now tenth, album of KILLERS.

This album is from today, but I can guarantee you that you will not detect a single modern tone! As if the time had stood still they are producing Eighties Metal with the typical French charm. The songs all are quite fast, very straight and full of brilliant ideas. Great! Unfortunately the band is only known in a hard core of true Metalians, most people will be put off by the French vocals, but just like always there is an English version as well! Of course I prefer the original, but if there is no other way, you also can take the English one.

It's a fact that you would miss a great, traditional Power/Speed-album, which really is fun! Full of razor-sharp riffs and double-bass-attacks! The band puts so much heart and blood into their Metal-attacks, they should take every headbanger's heart by storm! How many bands still sound this hungry after ten albums?

Next to "Mise Aux Poings" the best album by KILLERS!

Ralf Henn

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