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Babylon Whores - Death Of The West (9/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Death Rock
Label: Motor Music
Playing time: 44:44
Band homepage: -


  1. Life Fades Away
  2. Hell Abloom
  3. Mother Of Serpents
  4. Lucibel (The Good Spirits Of Europe)
  5. Dating With Witchcraft
  6. Death In Prague
  7. A Pale Horse Against Time
  8. Eveningland
Babylon Whores - Death Of The West
Self proclaimed acolytes of Death Rock Finnish cult Rockers BABYLON WHORES are not you're a typical Scandinavian Metal band. You'll not find much hyper speed riffing, duelling guitars and thundering double bass drumming with these guys more like de-tuned mayhem in the vein of TYPE O NEGATIVE, ALICE IN CHAINS and even a nod to the mighty CANDLEMASS. There is sure a wealth of influences cropping up here!

There is something decidedly dark and sinister about BABYLON WHORES' music. No surprise that lead singer Ike Vil was inspired to form the band under the influence of the Devil's chief puppet Mr Glen Danzig!

Album opener "Life Fades Away" has a great PRIMAL SCREAM type into followed by one of the down right dirtiest riffs I've ever heard! The vocals are a cross between Pete Steele and Billy Idol - I kid you not but it works very well especially at an ear piercing volume!

There is a big chunk of melodic Heavy Metal being banded about on this one along with great swathes of Indie Rock. Take the impressive "Lucibel", which drives along complemented with a strong Metal riff and some nice guitar work.

There are so many styles and all working well together on this album to give a pretty unique listen. The Metalhead in you will enjoy the verse riffing to "Hell Abloom" and those that relish the Doomy side of Metal are gonna salivate over the superb "Mother Of Serpents" 7 minutes of sheer genius in my book.

Quite excellent stuff and if you've grown a bit tired of the Power Metal explosion from Scandinavia then BABYLON WHORES could well be a sobering alternative. (Online January 9, 2003)

Chris Doran

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