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135 tablatures for Rammstein

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (9,5/10) - Germany - 2010

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Vagrant Records
Playing time: 46:01
Band homepage: Rammstein


  1. Rammlied
  2. Ich Tu Dir Weh
  3. Waidmanns Heil
  4. Haifisch
  5. B********
  6. Fruhling In Paris
  7. Wiener Blut
  8. Pussy
  9. Liebe Is Fur Alle Da
  10. Mehr
  11. Roter Sand

Is there any band that is really like RAMMSTEIN? So many try to steal image or sound from these German Industrialists, but nobody comes close to the weird and somehow insanely intriguing style of RAMMSTEIN. The band has such a distinct flavor to their music that it’s hard not to be somehow drawn into their world of obscene and controversial topics all the while trying not to get caught in their infectious song writing and crafty variety.  I have to admit I have been a fan for quite some time and anytime there is a new album out, I’m there.


After 2005’s mixed bag “Rosenrot”, fans were ready to be blown away again by a band that never really gives into expectations. Thusly almost half a decade later, “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” arrives to once again throw fans for a loop…this time in a more cohesive and darker way.


RAMMSTEIN’s tendency to use catchy melodic hooks, Metal foundations, Industrial splashes, and an overarching (and subtle) darkness to their music has never been as prominent and as cohesive as it sounds here. Just take the first single for example. It’s a song called “Pussy”, it contains a ridiculously catchy (and vulgar at the same time) chorus, a keyboard melody that will be trapped in your head for days, a beefy guitar line to please the heaviness mongers, and lyrical content that will leave your mouth agape.  That’s how this entire album is, honestly. It’s catchy as hell, its nice and heavy even for RAMMSTEIN, and it will be stuck in your head for days afterwards with its sing-a-long vocals (even in German for those whom don’t speak the language).


This is also perhaps their most cohesive album. Not that many of the songs sound the same, but its overall high quality of writing and performing make it sound cohesive. Whereas the last two or three records from these German Industrialists had great songs there was always a handful of songs that just seemed too much like filler. “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” is the opposite. Almost every song could be its own single and very few of them seemed to not fit. It’s as if the band trimmed the fat on this record and it only did them well.


This album is by far one of the best that the band have ever released with its more cohesive and one-two punch writing and its darker and slightly heavier tone. It may not impress the more casual fans that just got into the band for “Du Hast” but it’s by far one of my favorites and their best.


Songs to check out: “Pussy”, “Ich Tu Dir Weh”, “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da”.

(Online June 2, 2010)

Matt Reifschneider

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