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In-Quest - Made Out Of Negative Matter (6,5/10) - Belgium - 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 50:15
Band homepage: In-Quest


  1. Ignition Sequence
  2. Mind Over Matter
  3. Asynchronous Transmission
  4. Walk Of A Million Mouths
  5. The Subsonic Collapse
  6. The Auxiliary Theory
  7. Dysfunctional Inscapes
  8. Compelled Misogyny
  9. Anomoly Of A Tortured Mind
  10. Hybris
  11. Evasive Crosscurrents

"Made Out Of Negative Matter" from IN-QUEST is fifty miutes of knotty, break-laden, chuggity Tech-Death. That's probably all you'd need to know to deterine whether or not this particular release is up your prospective alley. You'll find thick and angry shouting alongside a rampaging drumkit that never lets up on the furious pounding. Oh, and there are guitars. Guitars, guitars, guitars, guitars, guitars...

But, what you won't find, is much originality or experimenting. Mainly, these lads are playing from their hands, and not from their guts. It makes for a very well tread experience that most newer metal afficionados will be fully initiated to. It's technically demanding Death Metal in the vein of MESHUGGAH, or uber-heavy STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, only without the former's absolute peak of musical complexity, and without the latters ingenious diversity or groove. Mainly, their songs will chug at an obscure tempo until they reach a break segment in which the drums go into 'kick-the-kettle' mode, and they're start off in another direction, entirely.

I can't accuse them of not being able to play their instruments, by any means. They're all real good, and sometimes, one of the songs will jump out at you and surprise you with an utterly jaw dropping solo, but that's a rare case, indeed. "Made Out Of Negative Matter"'s primary fault lies in how repetitive and complacent the songs are. After listening to all of the tracks a few times through, I still could't remember separate songs and how they went, save for "Asynchronous Transmission", and that was because of the terrifying solos.

Even though it's supposed to be knotty and unpredictable, I found myself not being surprised in any measurable way. Still, you're pretty much guaranteed to pump your fists ad bang your head. None of the tracks are bad, hardly. It's all top notch professional stuff. It's just nothing most of us have never heard, before. That being said, I did like it, and they might go on to do more serious and engaging things, but for now, IN-QUEST's "Made Out Of Negative Matter" is a decent romp through the realms of ear-splitting Extreme Metal.

Best Song: "Asynchronous Transmission"

Guest review by Dustin Tate

(Online June 14, 2010)

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