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Various Artists - Larga Vida Al.../Volumen Brutal (Tribute To Baron Rojo) (-/10) - V/A - 2002

Genre: Various
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: n/a
Band homepage: -


    CD 1: Larga Vida Al…

  1. Con Botas Sucias (Koma)
  2. Anda Suelto Satanás (Disidencia)
  3. El Pobre (Transfer)
  4. Los Desertores Del Rock (Muro)
  5. Efluvios (Easy Rider)
  6. Larga Vida Al Rock & Roll (Lujuria)
  7. El Presidente (Nörthwind)
  8. Chica De La Ciudad (Marea)
  9. Baron Rojo (Tierra Santa)
    CD 2: Volumen Brutal
  1. Incomunicación (Grass)
  2. Los Rockeros Van Al Infierno (Rata Blanca)
  3. Dame La Oportunidad (Los Suaves)
  4. Son Como Hormigas (Boikot)
  5. Las Flores Del Mal (Ankhara)
  6. Resistiré (Azrael)
  7. Satánico Plan (Volumen Brutal) (Ktulu)
  8. Concierto Para Ellos (Mägo De Oz)
  9. Hermano Del Rock'n'Roll (Blood)
  10. El Barón Vuela Sobre Inglaterra (Pyramid)
Various Artists - Larga Vida Al.../Volumen Brutal (Tribute To Baron Rojo)
When I had heard of a tribute to BARON ROJO, one of the most influential Spanish bands, I was quite thrilled. When I received the promo CD, I was happy. When I looked at the back of the promo, I was pretty disappointed. Why? Well, 9 tracks on a double CD is what the fans will get, a grand total of five songs is what I am stranded with... How they expect to get a really competent and full review is beyond me, but what should I do?

So, like said before, BARON ROJO had influenced countless bands out there with their brand of excellent Melodic Power Metal, which many of the best Spanish acts have taken on on this compilation. I could only hear the efforts of AZRAEL, LUJURIA (I just love their rendition of "Larga Vida Al Rock & Roll"!), KOMA, BOIKOT and EASY RIDER, which cover a quite wide spectrum style-wise and do a really good job with it.

So the full double CD should be a really good tribute to a band that for a change really deserves it, but with 5 songs only, I am sorry, don't expect a full review from me... (Online January 11, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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