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Barn Burner - Bangers (5/10) - Canada - 2010

Genre: Stoner Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 40:45
Band homepage: Barn Burner


  1. Holy Smokes
  2. Fast Women
  3. The Long Arm Of The Law
  4. Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow
  5. Runnin Reds
  6. Medium Rare
  7. Brohemoth
  8. Half Past Haggard
  9. Wizard Island
  10. Tremors
  11. Old Habits
Barn Burner - Bangers

The path of Montreal rockers BARN BURNER is already well-trodden, with bongs and kegs strewn everywhere. Planted firmly in a party-loving stoner paradigm, they make no pretensions about their mission: To kick ass and riff out.

Musically, "Bangers" drifts between a NWOBHM-fiddly guitars and the braindead chugging of FU MANCHU. This results in riff upon riff of catchy fun, ripe for headbanging and toe-tapping. They are miles away from doing anything new, but it works as a charm when taken as a light-hearted romp. The pipes of vocalist K. Keaglesmith seem to have taken a few bong hits too many though, leaving him with a range that's aggravatingly flat. For a hook-filled album like "Bangers", vocals tend to play a major role, and BARN BURNER are no exception.

Get a vocalist with the range of someone like John Garcia, and they might very well be sitting on something golden. For now, BARN BURNER are just one of the crowd, with the occasional stand-out song. Good soundtrack for a kegger, but otherwise forgettable and generic.

(Online July 6, 2010)

Ailo Ravna

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