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Sabaton - Coat Of Arms (9/10) - Sweden - 2010

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 40:00
Band homepage: Sabaton


  1. Coat Of Arms
  2. Midway
  3. Uprising
  4. Screaming Eagles
  5. The Final Solution
  6. Aces In Exile
  7. Saboteurs
  8. Wehrmacht
  9. White Death
  10. Metal Ripper (Bonus Track)
  11. Coat Of Arms (Instrumental)
  12. Metal Ripper (Instrumental)
Sabaton - Coat Of Arms

SABATON is proper Heavy Metal, they don’t fuck around. We here at the hallowed halls of "The Metal Observer" like SABATON. Just check out the bands previous reviews. We don’t joke about quality Heavy Metal music and neither does the supremely mighty SABATON. They make PRIMAL FEAR and MANOWAR sound like an old women’s knitting circle and play like them too, I guess. SABATON don’t sing about iron fists in velvet gloves or blowing your speakers but they do have many, many battle hymns to the fallen soldiers of the Second World War. Respect. Whilst Joey is banging on about riding dragons across the sky to Valhalla SABATON’S lead singer Joakim Broden is belting out rallying cries atop his Panzer tank. Epic doesn’t do this band justice.


Frankly there’s little to distinguish ‘’Coat Of Arms’’ from 2008’s sensational ‘’ The Art Of war’’ but you know what? I don’t give a shit and neither will you. What marks SABATON out from the crowd is their focus on the historical rather than the fictional. So you get songs tackling the Greco-Italian War in the explosive opener ‘’Coat Of Arms’’ the emotional pull of ‘’Uprising’’ telling the tale of Poland’s extraordinary endeavours during the conflict and then on the hard hitting ‘’Wehrmacht’’ spotlighting the confusion of Germany and their part in the war.


I can’t think of a Metal band and indeed a Power Metal band that sound anything quite like SABATON. They wipe the floor with HAMMERFALL and although technically lacking against the likes of ICED EARTH and BLIND GUARDIAN don’t be fooled into thinking that these guys don’t have passion, energy and zeal. Think a more polished GRAVE DIGGER, they have the songs to match the best, chorus after chorus of swelling Heavy Metal bravado and a vocalist that could lay siege to the Walls of Jericho with little effort.


Yes, 2010 could well be the year SABATON get the recognition they surely deserve.

(Online July 15, 2010)

Chris Doran

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