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Cage - Astrology (8,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Omega Records
Playing time: 69:01
Band homepage: Cage


  1. Astrology
  2. Final Solution
  3. Psychotically Deranged
  4. The Edge
  5. Echelon
  6. Root Of All Evil
  7. The Trigger Effect
  8. Souls And Flesh
  9. Fountain Of Youth
  10. Broken Dreams
  11. Vandalize
  12. Victim Of Society
  13. The Astrologicon
Cage - Astrology
A concept-album without a concept... I know that it reads a little strange, but still it fits with "Astrology". Thirteen Songs, thirteen lyrics, which belong together, but are not connected... Or something like that...

Anyway, the second album of the Americans surprisingly starts out with an intro, a really rare thing... Among the most important positions of an album is the first song, because it is responsible for the first impression of a CD and with "Final Solution", CAGE already have won, because this up-tempo-cracker is Melodic/Power Metal of highest degree. Add to that Sean Peck's awesome vocals and you have to view this track as a pearl of the genre, without doubt.

The second absolute highlight is exactly on the other end of the CD and is titled "The Astrologicon", a varied track that really leaves nothing to be desired anymore, covering all the different facets of the CAGE-sound.

But the tracks in between are not far behind. You can find all the ingredients this genre has to offer, from slow-paced, almost balladesque songs ("Souls And Flesh") that also rise in cadence and tempo in the middle ("Vandalize") over more or less aggressive mid-tempo ("Psychoticaly Deranged", "The Trigger Effect") up to speedy crackers ("Echelon", great riff, "Fountain Of Youth").

So who likes to put some timeless steel into his player, should try out CAGE, your ears will thank you!

Alexander Melzer

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