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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - BRAIN DRILL - Quantum Catastrophe

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Brain Drill - Quantum Catastrophe (1/10) - USA - 2010

Genre: Deathcore
Label: Metal Blade Records (USA)
Playing time: 41:54
Band homepage: Brain Drill


  1. Obliteration Untold
  2. Beyond Bludgeoned
  3. Awaiting Imminent Destruction
  4. Nemesis Of Neglect
  5. Entity Of Extinction
  6. Mercy To None
  7. Monumental Failure
  8. Quantum Catastrophe

Growing up, I’m sure you fine readers remember a particularly troublesome or crafty kid you knew, who was always scheming and planning and getting himself into trouble, yet was among the brightest bulbs in the box. Perhaps someone concerned would say “if he didn’t get himself into so much trouble with all of his scheming, he could really make something of himself with his intellect.”


Apply this childhood memory to BRAIN DRILL. Some of you may remember them as the wankiest noodly band this side of NECROPHAGIST. A few years ago, they were somehow able to secure tours with high profile artists based on one EP alone. Internal conflicts broke the band up, but guitarist Dylan has decided to resurrect the project with new members, resulting in “Quantum Catastrophe”.


Within this album is instrumentation of the highest degree, from a technical standpoint. Absolutely nothing is sloppy; both the guitarist and bassist are supremely dexterous on their respective instruments, and it seems the drummer must have drank gallons of coffee before even thinking of recording at these speeds. However, beyond the flawless technical ability lies…..nothing really. This is just one of those cases where people will call this album genius because the notes are played really fast and there are numerous sweeps. The songwriting here is flaccid; completely devoid of anything which resembles Death Metal or Grindcore (except the vocals and blast beats). I could accurately call this Shred/showboating with lyrics. Every song just passes by in a blur save for the overlong title track (which ends with an ambient passage that is composed better than anything else on this release). There is no distinction between any of the songs, just the same old blasty-gurgly-weedly annoyances which typify the modern Technical “Death” Metal trend.


The songs flow from part to part, with very little cohesion. I suppose the “random” changes are to be indicative of “technicality” and “progressiveness”, but they do nothing but introduce overly indulgent noodly riffs that all sound vaguely similar. This is music for people with no attention span, because it is constantly changing. Never mind that the changes don’t really add up to anything, or that the novelty of being random wears thin quickly. Nope, it’s supposed to be INSANE and BRUTAL because of them. I guess I’m just some old fashioned coot who likes songwriting in the Metal I choose to listen to.


Oh BRAIN DRILL, if only you’d stop trying to sweep 56 times per minute, you could use your astounding instrumentation to write SONGS! *gasp*


Until then, don’t waste your time or hearing on this.

(Online August 16, 2010)

Christopher Karlas

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