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Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Our Ashes Built Mountains (5/10) - Australia - 2010

Genre: Grindcore / Metalcore
Label: Deepsend Records
Playing time: 39:12
Band homepage: Beyond Terror Beyond Grace


  1. Mannequins
  2. Amnesia
  3. Husk
  4. Information Scars
  5. Tumour
  6. Shadowhalo
  7. Words
  8. Exposure
  9. Fugue
  10. Flightless
  11. Coil
  12. Paradigm
  13. Hang Them By Their Crowns
  14. Answers
  15. Control
  16. Aesthetics
  17. Ashes
  18. Pathetic
  19. Murakami
  20. Bias

I have to admit, judging by their name and imagery; I thought BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE was going to be a Deathcore or Metalcore band. I was surprised that they were not. Was it a pleasant surprise? Sort of.


What this release resembles is a mixture of SWANS/UNSANE noisy dissonance with some Metalcore touches and Grindcore influence. The guitar tone is taken shamelessly from ROTTEN SOUND, but instead of sounding like a dime-a-dozen Swedegrind band, BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE simply incorporates the Swedish scene alongside influence from American bands like RORSCHACH and ASSUCK. Unfortunately, the vocals sometimes descend into Bree-Bree territory; but thankfully these instances are few.


There are some good ideas here; Iím really partial to noisy and dissonant Grindcore if itís structured well, and BTBG seems to be on the right track. To be sure, this record is intensely performed and tightly arranged. Half of these tracks sound unfinished though, and BTBG could do away with a few of the flies in their songwriting soup (like the Metalcore influences). Passages of eerie atmosphere dot their Grindcore landscape, vaguely reminiscent of something like LULL or HORCHATA.


If the aesthetic and songwriting confusion is cleared up, there is reason to believe that BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE could develop into something worthwhile; definitely at least a B in quality. Until then, there are too many ideas and not enough cohesion for me. Still, I can recommend this to fans of ROTTEN SOUND, TRIAC, and PIG DESTROYER.


I donít really think this album will stick with me, but these guys may be on their way to realizing their potential.

(Online August 31, 2010)

Christopher Karlas

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