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Killers - Habemus Metal (8,5/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Brennus Music
Playing time: 40:53
Band homepage: Killers


  1. Le Côté Sombre
  2. Mal
  3. Esprit Sain
  4. Madarikatua
  5. Biebvenue En Enfer
  6. Saccages
  7. HM 2002
  8. Bye Bye
  9. Jour de Chance (Un Jour En France)
  10. Ma Liberté
Killers - Habemus Metal
Here they are again, those ingenious French men! Their newest album "Habemus Metal" blows your mind again! Already the speedy opener "Le Côté Sombre" rocks like Mackie Messer and it's interrupted by a cool Flamenco acoustic break. Just beautiful until the mangy vocals of fronter Bruno Dolheguy introduces again. A top song!

Who thinks that this was KILLERS' best will be taught with the following song. "Mal" is another flourishless power rocker like of a Metal schoolbook. Mighty, fat drums and guitars introduce this song until the vocals are introduced. The song is rather paced in mid-tempo, but the French do their best also in this way! The song "Esprit Sain" surpasses this and unleashes a pretty Thrash fusillade, hectic drumming and mighty guitar riffs will lead every headbanger into the Metal nirvana! Divinely!

And so it goes on and on, KILLERS thrash around highly and they know only one aim: Power until the end. But nevertheless they are able to create songs, who one differs from each other! There are no ballads but royally guitarworking, which is more than outstanding!!! There's only one filler to mention, "HM 2002", with a nerving chorus, which is negative - burp!

Maybe something smooth wouldn't be so bad, because it's hard to bang along the whole playing time. But who cares! If one band deserves the name "True Metal", then it's KILLERS for sure! Who can already offer such a number of altogether great releases like our French friends? A CD which you have to have to, there's no doubt! (Online January 20, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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