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Bastard Noise/The Endless Blockade - The Red List (5/10) - USA - 2010

Genre: Noisecore / Grindcore
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Playing time: 62:09
Band homepage: Bastard Noise
Band homepage: The Endless Blockade


Bastard Noise

  1. Fallen Species
  2. Manphibian
  3. Movement Two
  4. Mutant World Of Shame-Underworld
  5. U.S.A. Today

The Endless Blockade

  1. Advance Directive (Noah Creshevsky)
  2. Deuteronomy
  3. Model 49 Rebreather (The Rita)

When dealing with the topic of Noise influenced music, it is important to remember that Noise is indeed one of the more controversial and misunderstood musical genres. There are some who argue that Noise can never be considered music, as it is just, for lack of a better word, noise.


I donít really have any of the musical hangups of the average yokel out there. I donít care about vocals, I find verse-chorus-verse song structures to be tiresome after a while, and I could care less about production (to a point). Appreciation of the Noise genre requires each of these traits and more.


However, a flaw I find with Noise is that many times surface is valued over content. A lot of Noise bands have imagery or ideas that can be fascinating; but their music is simply a showoff contest over who can record the wierdest/most outlandish sounds and put it to tape. Just because an artist recorded a 12 string guitar 500 feet under the ocean with the help of some Siamese twins who play the harpischord does not mean that the music will come out being any good.


So when approaching this split between BASTARD NOISE and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, I kept all of this in mind.


This is my first experience with BASTARD NOISE; a group Iíve heard much about but have only now just heard. For those who are not in the know, BASTARD NOISE is a project formed as a side project of the influential Grindcore band MAN IS THE BASTARD. Besides the experimental/unconventional musical bent, there arenít many similarities between the two bands. Awkward, unexpected changes in tempo, jagged melodies (if youíd like to call them that), and unusual chord progressions made their side of the split a bit much to take in. I still donít know if I entirely enjoy it, with the exception of ďMovement TwoĒ, a song which sounds like a schizophrenic hospital patient tried to compose a symphony. Still, there are some very intriguing ideas here, even if I find the music as a whole to be too ďout thereĒ.


I had seen THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE live at Maryland Deathfest 2009, and I didnít like them then. My opinion has not changed in the slightest. I have no idea what is going through the minds of the people involved in this project, but my advice is to not make tracks that are 15 minutes long. I could barely tolerate 15 seconds of each. Not much more to say, as the structuring of each song leaves a lot to be desired. To put it simply, seldom have I been more irritated listening to music than when I had to listen to this side of the split.


If youíre into BASTARD NOISE, I could recommend this but Iím not familiar with their discography enough to give a comparison to other works. Avoid THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE.

(Online October 8, 2010)

Christopher Karlas

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