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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - OBLIVIOUS - Goons And Masters

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Oblivious - Goons And Masters (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Stoner Rock / Seventies Rock
Label: Transubstans Records
Playing time: 50:01
Band homepage: Oblivious


  1. Ego Boy
  2. Throne
  3. Red Eyed Goon
  4. Master Of Time
  5. Kickiní And Screaminí
  6. Bring It On Me
  7. Dead End Night
  8. Boiling Brain
  9. Bide Your Time
  10. Blind Faith
Oblivious - Goons And Masters

This one presents a personal dilemma.


On one hand, I canít get enough Stoner Rock. Itís great. And OBLIVIOUS play a very rough and catchy brand of 70ís style southern drawl Rock (direct from Sweden, mind you) that will certainly do the trick if stuck in a jam.


On the other, these guys donít know when to end a song. Itís a straight-up fact that bands that smoke a lot of reefer or experiment with other hallucinogenic drugs tend to jam out. But like I already mentioned, getting stuck in a jam can be pretty sucky.


Truth be told, however, is that OBLIVIOUS' "Goons And Masters" is a rollicking album. Itís alive with the spirit of Hard Rock, groove, and soulful vocals administered by lead singer, Isak.


It should be noted that Isak can belt. The guy has pipes. And whether itís a good thing or a bad thing, I kept on hearing his voice as the star-crossed love-child of Scott Stapp and Scott Weiland.


"Goons And Masters" is a cool and bluesy album to put on if youíre smoking the good stuff with a few beers around a lake campfire, but for most other intents and purposes, Iím not really sure when Iíd opt throw it in the ole rotation.


The album isnít exactly heavy, nor is it innovative. The bulk of the riffs are pretty generic. I mean, if youíve listened to Metal or any form or Rock before, chances are that youíve heard the intro to "Red Eyed Goon" either a few dozen or a million times.


Things are predictable here. Things are pretty one-dimensional. And things, for the most part, drag on a little too long. So if that holy trinity of music turns you off, then by all means, consider "Goons And Masters" a dust-covered, hitch-hiking hippy, and pass his ass by without a second thought.


But if youíre interest is piqued by stoner rock with a solid groove and demonstrative vocals, sit back, light up, and enjoy. I mean, thatís a damn good tandem thatís harbored more than a fair share of awesome fucking bands (BLACK SABBATH, CLUTCH, COZER, GRAND MAGUS, BIGELF, KYUSS, LED ZEPPELIN).


The bitches of the bunch include 'Master Of Time," "Throne," "Bide Your Time," and the albumís best, "Dead End Night."

(Online September 27, 2010)

Evan Mugford

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