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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - RAW IN SECT - Red Flows

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Raw In Sect - Red Flows (7,5/10) - Greece - 2010

Genre: Thrash Metal / Groove Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:57
Band homepage: Raw In Sect


  1. Wall Of Greed
  2. Man Less
  3. Protect
Raw In Sect - Red Flows

These Greek metallers came out of nowhere and made a rather significant splash with their 2007 demo. A three-song effort that showcased a deliciously tight and plain kick-ass brand of technical Death Metal, it generated a great deal of positive buzz around the band. It was almost a given that some label would scoop them up in no time, but this proved not to be. Now, three years later, still unsigned and armed with a modified sound, they are back and ready to launch another attack on the scene and the senses. This should be good... 

...and it is. They may have scuttled most of the somewhat over-indulgent Tech-Death (think: NECROPHAGIST) elements of the first demo in favour of a more streamlined Thrash/Groove style, but the music is no less pummelling or just downright mosh-worthy than before.

Listening to these three songs it is easy to spot their influences – imagine the rhythm section of LAMB OF GOD, the guitar section of MESHUGGAH, and a somewhat Robb Flynn-ish vocal style all converging into one seriously focused beast that is primed and ready to bite off heads and take names. The songs are less cluttered and obviously more modern than before – sure to piss off the elitists – but those of us who know great music when we hear it will have an absolute ball with this demo. Horns up to their vocalist for sending me this! 

Their skilled musicianship and keen sense of song-writing ensures that the songs have a terse (but not sterile) feel to them, and the balance between groove, melody and unadulterated intensity is deftly handled, with no one element overpowering the other.

The production is also a huge improvement over their previous demo, retaining none of the scratchiness and occasionally computerized feel of yore. “Wall Of Greed” hits the ground running with a somewhat modern Thrash vibe that brings to mind THE HAUNTED’s eponymous debut, and pretty much sustains this pace for its duration, with Kostas Diamandis’s raging vocals providing the requisite amount of piss ‘n vinegar over the stomping riffs. “Man Less” is a bit more progressive in terms of the multiple tempo shifts and is perhaps the one song on here that most closely resembles the aforementioned MESHUGGAH, only faster and with some great (though too-subtle-for-their-own-good) guitar leads and licks near the end. The demo is ended off in fine style by “Protect”, where they return to a more straightforward Thrash-based approach that sees the band tip their hats to both the old and new schools. It’s also the only song on here that contains a prominent guitar solo. 

Two demos in and these guys have yet to disappoint. Some may scoff at the idea of the band abandoning their Tech-Death sound for something relatively more accessible, but the fact remains that these songs are well-written, tight with just the right ebb and flow, and just plain catchy. The only complaint I have is that it is way too short, clocking in at just under 13 minutes.

“Red Flows” is a very enjoyable and professional package, and if this doesn’t land them a record deal of some sort then there truly is no justice in the universe. I’m eagerly awaiting their forthcoming full-length. 


(Online November 2, 2010)

Neil Pretorius

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