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Quelonio - Vicio Y Virtud (7/10) - Spain - 2009

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Red Rivet Records
Playing time: 54:36
Band homepage: Quelonio


  1. Dame Placer
  2. Juego De Miradas
  3. Ave Fénix
  4. Vicio Y Virtud
  5. V
  6. El Grito De La Realidad
  7. Por La Espalda
  8. Tu Fuego
  9. Buscando Una Luz (Pt.II)
  10. Aquí Estoy
  11. Cima De La Eternidad
  12. Susurrando Al Viento

It doesn’t happen all that often that we find bands to populate the illustrious letter Q, so Valencia’s QUELONIO add their flavour and ensure that they are easy to find. Spain seems to be a pretty fertile breeding ground for Power Metal bands with ladies on the mic and this quintet also adds to that category, with Teresa Broseta at the helm. And as so often with bands from there, I have not heard any of their previous releases (in this case one album in 2002 and a demo in 2006), so “Vicio Y Virtud” will have to be judged on the here and now only and not about any potential evolution throughout the years.


The chosen weapon is a mix of traditional Heavy and Power Metal, with Teresa’s vocals a definitive asset to the band, since she has a very nicely powerful and at times almost gritty voice that lends character to the songs, something that unfortunately many female vocalists seem to easily neglect these days. “Dame Placer” thunders through the speakers at quite a gallop and with nice grit, excellent start, but QUELONIO shake things up nicely, “Juego De Miradas”, for example, takes away a lot of the aggression and sometimes even displays a light Rock influence and only speeds things up towards the end.


This is a recipe the Spaniards are following throughout the album, with the double-bass driven title track followed by the far more easy-going “V”, but most songs have one thing in common and that is dynamics, apart from the afore-mentioned tracks, “Por La Espalda” and “Aquí Estoy” are the best examples for this. But to be honest, if Teresa did not bring her own twist on the vocals, I am not sure, if I could name QUELONIO out of a line-up of similar sounding bands, for that the songs, while thoroughly enjoyable, are not strong enough to carry the momentum throughout the whole 54 minutes of the album.


Despite this, though, “Vicio Y Virtud” still is a more than rock solid album that will cater to fans of the genre and leaves us with hopes for the next album to take it to the next level. So far not a must, but a definite maybe.

(Online October 9, 2010)

Alexander Melzer

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