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Delight - Eternity (9/10) - Poland - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 45:46
Band homepage: Delight


  1. The Hand
  2. Stained Glass
  3. Requiem
  4. Spring Day
  5. Whale's Lungs
  6. I Promise
  7. The Sun
  8. Outhereness
  9. Wieczny Final
Delight - Eternity
Poland's DELIGHT had been an extremely positive surprise with their 2001 album "The Fading Tale", a Gothic/Heavy Metal masterpiece on its own, with grandiose melodies, heavy guitars and a mesmerizing vocal display by singer Paula Máslanska. And as usual after such a great album I almost feared the follow up, fearing that they might not be able to keep up the damn high standard they had set themselves and disappoint me.

Now DELIGHT haven't made the mistake to copy "The Fading Tale", bringing in some new elements and influences into their sound, but without disturbing the flow and beauty of the songs, thank God (or whoever is held responsible for this!). Beauty is a keyword, where DELIGHT's music is involved, because the songs carry such a wonderful atmosphere in them, heavy guitars, varied rhythms (up to fat double-bass :D), atmospheric keyboards, grandiose melodies, brilliant vocals, just plainly great songs.

It doesn't really matter, which songs you pick, they all are great in their own way, clearly differing from each other, which makes this album and band so special. And even some light electronic elements fit in perfectly! If you now ask me for check out tips, I am getting in big doodoo, because I could basically almost mention the whole tracklist, but the opening trio "The Hand", "Stained Glass" and "Requiem" kicks this album off in such a fantastic fashion that it leaves you thirsting for more…and more we still get in form of the rest of the songs like the very atmospheric "Whale's Lungs", followed by the damn heavy "I Promise", with driving, hammering double-bass in connection with great calm parts, absolutely brilliant! But also the songs that I have not mentioned by title here in no way drop off in quality.

So "The Fading Tale" had been a great album and "Eternity" follows it up as an album that is definitely no copy of the predecessor, but has the same damn high quality level, which makes it one of the absolute highlights of the Gothic Metal-genre. (Online January 17, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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