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Slecht - In Decay - How Greed Takes Us To Our End (5/10) - Belgium - 2010

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 22:20
Band homepage: Slecht


  1. Where Land and Water Meet
  2. Rape and Burn
  3. Exhuming
  4. (N)acht
  5. Einde Der Tijd
Slecht - In Decay - How Greed Takes Us To Our End

I really wish more bands would come to realize that the purpose of a demo is not just to show that you can play your instrument(s) properly but also that you are capable of writing a decent song or two. Belgium’s SLECHT would do well to heed the last point.

The cover art of “In Decay – How Greed Takes us To The End” (the second demo of their seven year existence) tends to be quite deceiving, as that shot of an illuminated office building forking up into an impenetrable night sky would have you believe that you’re in for a quick-fix of avant-garde post-Black Metal or the like. Not so, as “In Decay...” is a pretty straightforward slab of traditional Black Metal. This is not really an issue in and of itself, but the songs themselves simply lack that spark that is supposed to make you sit up and take note. Everything is deftly handled – the riffs are raw yet sufficiently discernible, there are a great deal of tempo shifts (especially in the last song, where sluggish riffs give way to crusty Thrash breaks in the blink of an eye), the vocalist has a truly searing delivery, and the drums are rather intuitive and varied for this specific style.

In terms of musicianship all is fine and dandy but these Belgians let themselves down when it comes to the way in which they apply their obvious skills. With the exception of the aforementioned closing song, there really isn’t anything of note to be found on here. “In Decay...” is not bad, just horribly bland.

(Online November 10, 2010)

Neil Pretorius

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