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Gorod - Process Of A New Decline (7,5/10) - France - 2009

Genre: Progressive Metal / Death Metal / Technical Death Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 50:04
Band homepage: Gorod


  1. Disavow Your God
  2. Programmers Of Decline
  3. Diverted Logic
  4. Rebirth Of Senses
  5. The Path
  6. Splinters Of Life
  7. Guilty Of Dispersal
  8. Gilded Cage
  9. A Common Hope
  10. Watershed
  11. Almighty’s Murderer
Gorod - Process Of A New Decline

The chains of Technical Death Metal got you down?


A good slab of French Metal by the name of GOROD will fix what’s ailing ya.


Straight outta Bordeaux, this quintet of calculated sonic precision has picked up where a band like NEURAXIS left off. Unstoppably original and unquestionably talented, GOROD’s third and latest full-length, “Process Of A New Decline,” is the resurrection of how inspired and meticulous Technical Death Metal ought to sound like.


GOROD must play some of the most utterly well-controlled Tech Death going. Whereas some bands want to melt your face off with an incalculable number of notes and sweeps and drumming that doesn’t seem to make any sense at all (hit the snare on time and we’re good!), GOROD plays with a style that’s simultaneously as organic as it is mechanical - which would make the band some type of cyborg like Robocop or some hyper-sexualized freak like Tetsuo.


Whatever cult flick GOROD embodies best doesn’t really matter, because this album is just really, really impressive.


Vocalist Guillaume Martinot doesn’t have a broad vocal range, but his hoarse growls and demented screeches assist admirably towards the band’s particular current of chaos. Arnaud Pontaco and Mathieu Pascal rip bones free from flesh with their axe-play, and Benoit Claus follows their lead with an enthusiastic guile that very often melds some Fusion Jazz into the fray. What should be said about drummer Samuel Santiago besides the fact that he should be genetically tested. If he’s not half-octopus, than he’s half arachnid. There’s no way around it.


Over the course of the album, songs like “Disavow Your God” easily distinguish the rank of these madmen. Time is not wasted. Efforts are not pale and flimsy. There is no second-guessing on the album. The instrumentation flies and soars above its opposition, dropping electrical heaps of robotic shit that not only smothers out the parades of pussy Deathcore and their Down Tempo brethren, but it serves as the hopeful manure of a young Metal society that may wish to aspire towards a band that actually takes pride in merging the technical and the memorable.


It’s heavy as hell and it serves up riffs by the landslide. The sound is on time on this album. It’s not fashionably late and it doesn’t try to overemphasize its tardiness with a big fucking show of drowning bass and fret-tapping that offers less entertainment value than it would a pissing contest.


Personal fuckin’ favorites: “Disavow Your God,” “Programmers Of Decline,” and “Guilty Of Dispersal.”

(Online October 21, 2010)

Evan Mugford

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