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Crushing Sun - Tao (7,5/10) - Portugal - 2010

Genre: Progressive Extreme Metal / Progressive Death Metal
Label: Major Label Industries
Playing time: 50:01
Band homepage: Crushing Sun


  1. Rain
  2. Cantilever
  3. The End
  4. Jane's Trail 
  5. T. Hatcher
  6. 12379 Seconds
  7. Love
  8. 20 to 22.000 Hertz
  9. 37+° Celsius
  10. Grey Scent
  11. Strip and Deceit
Crushing Sun - Tao

CRUSHING SUN is a Progressive Death Metal Band from Portugal, and they bring a very interesting and attractive album within the genre. It is not common to hear about bands coming from Portugal within the genre, but I certainly can say that the album is among the most interesting surprises of the year. Unfortunatelly, there are some things that they should work on to achieve the best of their talents.

Let's talk about the good things first: I love the voice on this one. Bruno Silva can deliver great performances that kept my interest in the album all along. His voice is deep and goes exactly with the harmony of the whole band. Paulo Lopes does an excellent job with the guitars. While I listened to it, I had an impression that he is really influenced by Trey Azagthoth, but that is just me. What I listened to was excellent. Marco S. and Rui Pinto deliver efficient music as well. The songs have great development and they feel like they were carefully planned and structured, but there are some considerations that some hardcore fans will notice. For example, even with the great capabilities that everyone shows on this album, I feel like some songs are repetitive and linear. There is talent but not originality. I feel like the band tried to attach so strongly to the Progressive Death Metal style that they took some of the basic characteristics of other bands and crafted all their songs based on this. It feels like everything was heard before.

Another point on the album is the exaggerated use of effects in some of the tracks. For example, during the track “T. Hatcher,” there are particular sections where the guitar effects used for the riffs get tired. And there is a particular bridge section in the song “Jane’s Trail” that gets repetitive, especially at the end, and turns off all the excitement you got during this song. Nevertheless, I have to mention that even with these particular issues, these two songs, along with the rest of the album, will give you a very entertaining time. There are some brutal tracks like “37+ Celsius” that really pounce in your head while listening, and some great rhythmic songs like “Grey Scent” which shows that this band can also bring some versatility.

This album grows on you. I must admit that when I played it the first time, I wasn’t motivated because I didn’t feel like listening to something different. But after you give it another chance, you can perceive the good things in the composition and you realize that it has a strong production. Although some music effects are not as enjoyable, I really think that this band has the talent to bring something better.

As mentioned before, they have proved to us that they are great musicians, but my experience has showed me that hardcore fans of the genre always want something that distinguishes every band to transcend. If they are able to find it and define it, I think we will have better albums from this band. They are on the right track.

Overall, you really have to give them a chance and give this album a try, because you will enjoy it if you are not as 'nit picky' as this review.


(Online November 12, 2010)

Stan Higareda

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