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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DAWN OF SILENCE - Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner

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Dawn Of Silence - Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2010

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: GMR Music
Playing time: 43:58
Band homepage: Dawn Of Silence


  1. Chasing A Ghost
  2. Escape The Night
  3. Release Me (From Myself)
  4. In Quest For Life
  5. Cage Of Fear
  6. Crucifire
  7. Away From Heaven
  8. Haunted Dreams
  9. Shadow Of Guilt
  10. Masquerade
Dawn Of Silence - Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner

One of the “worst” things for a reviewer, other than writer’s block or reviewing an album that is absolutely not in one’s taste field, is an album that you cannot really find any flaws in, but that doesn’t really stick to your memory either once the last song has stopped and that you somehow have to manage to find the right words for. DAWN OF SILENCE’s second album “Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner” is one of those, unfortunately.


So let’s see what these guys are about to begin with, shall we? While listening to the album a few band names spring to mind, EDGUY, IRON MAIDEN, EDGUY, EDGUY and EDGUY. So do we have an EDGUY clone with IRON MAIDEN influences here? No, what we get is Melodic Metal with some Power Metal influences and some elements that remind me of EDGUY and most of all the voice of Tobias Sammett. Now there obviously are far worse bands to be reminded of, especially since it is more the earlier material (before they went Rock on us) and if the whole endeavour is well-done, then we don’t have a problem right?


And this is well done, no doubt, with nice crunchy guitars, the excellent voice of Patrik Johansson (BLOODBOUND), good, catchy melodies and the usual variety between slow and mid-fast, so the basics are there. The main beef I have with this, though, is that despite being well done and all, nothing sticks after you’re done with it, so if you’re looking for longevity, this might not be your best bet... Now as negative as this sounds, the album by itself is pretty good, don’t get me wrong, “Chasing A Ghost” has good drive, a nice catchy melody and lives off Johansson’s good vocals, while In “Quest For Life” and “Crucifire” have this pounding quality, where the latter accelerates all the way to double-bass towards the end and is probably the best track of the album, with Johansson also placing some high Metal screams where they are needed, and “Shadow Of Guilt| shows us the more epic side of DAWN OF SILENCE.


The production is good, the musicianship is good, the songs are pretty good, so if they manage to just take them to the next level and give them this special something to make them stand out, then we’re in business, up until then I can only really recommend this to the more die-hard of genre fans out there. Great cover, though, I just have to slide that in, too.

(Online October 28, 2010)

Alexander Melzer

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