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Raunchy - A Discord Electric (7,5/10) - Denmark - 2010

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 64:46
Band homepage: Raunchy


  1. Dim the Lights and Run
  2. Rumors of Worship
  3. Nght Prty
  4. Street Emperor
  5. Blueprints for Lost Sounds
  6. Shake Your Grave
  7. Tiger Crown
  8. Big Truth
  9. The Great Depression
  10. The Yeah Thing
  11. Ire Vampire
  12. Gunslingers & Tombstones
Raunchy - A Discord Electric

Although RAUNCHY has been one of those bands that has been elusively flirting with finally rising above underground status, but never really getting there, the band plays a sound that easily could achieve this for them. Although “A Discord Electric” may not be their finest offering, its still heads over teapot better than the previous release and a return towards a more RAUNCHY sound.


Combining elements of a heavy Groove influenced Metalcore and synthetic Pop dance like moments, RANUCHY might be one of the best bands out there in the Modern Metal scene. With its synthetic beats and melodies mixed with the beat down guitar riffs, a flair for rhythmatic distortion via drums and bass, and a duel vocal attack that benefits the best of both (a harshly shouted ‘Metal’ side and a Poppy singing side), RAUNCHY have always brought the blend to their music and its on full display with their fifth release.


Although “A Discord Electric” is the band playing their sound solidly once again for their sect of diehard fans, the album is far from perfect or as good as some of their earlier releases were. As with most of RAUNCHY’s catalog, “A Discord Electric” suffers a bit from the filler bug that tends to bog the listening experience down. More or less, these tracks tend to come off this way because the blending of the Pop and Metal seems misbalanced. Take the opener, “Dim The Lights And Run” for example. Too much Pop, not enough Metal. This happens a variety of times here and there. Even with 80% of the album working in great balances, the filler does weigh it down.


When the band hits it though, man watch out. Songs like “Nght Prty” and “Shake Your Grave” blend those Pop/Dance beats with the Metal attack perfectly. It's heavy and damn catchy and it’s the handful of songs on this record like this that prove that RAUNCHY can make it to the next level of popularity with their music.


Although “A Discord Electric” might not be the best album that RAUNCHY has released, mostly due to the filler contained on the album, it’s a solid release and a return to form from their previous effort. If you enjoy those Modern Metal efforts, then definitely hit up some RAUNCHY for a nice fix.


Songs to check out: “Rumors Of Worship," “Nght Prty," and "Tiger Crown."

(Online November 18, 2010)

Matt Reifschneider

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