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Thyruz - Diseblot (7/10) - Norway - 2010

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Twilight-Vertrieb
Playing time: 44:45
Band homepage: Thyruz


  1. A Funeral Feast
  2. Vargaate
  3. Blot
  4. Circles of Eternal Flames
  5. Realm of Darkness
  6. Ominous Vocation
  7. Spiritual Mass
  8. Silver Haze
Thyruz - Diseblot


If you have ever been cack-handed enough to break a mirror, I wonder if you have also been hopelessly optimistic enough to try and put it back together? After hours of cursing and numerous glass splinters making your fingers look like perverse accessories in some BDSM video, you are left with a distorted and disjointed reflection of reality. I rather think THYRUZ dropped “Diseblot” and then mended it making it whole again, nearly.

“Diseblot” is an album with 8 tracks scattered across its length, I phrase it that way because no matter how many times I've listened to it, there is no flow providing a natural progression to the music, it's like a kid lost in the mall, running this way and that but not really knowing where the hell it's going. The album isn't fatally flawed as a result but dependent upon your attention span, the lack of underlying fluidity may prove to be detrimental. Personally I find it to be a noticeable trait but then the house of flying daggers guitars take effect and I tend to look at the here and now rather than the album as a whole. Make no mistake THYRUZ are capable of being vicious bastards, their music is ugly and skewered like a bad night out at Vlad The Impaler's.

Much of what assails the ears here is run of the mill but equally there is a balance of in for the kill. When THYRUZ unleash their full jagged potential they really are an entity you wouldn't turn your back on, at full froth you've got ice picks woodpeckering away leaving you with a mix of migraine and concussion, it's when the pace reaches demon speed that this music is most compelling. With a guitar tone that actually has a whiff of the evils about it, any speed conveys the not-nice but rapidity suits the sound most, slower tempos tend to lack emphasis and direction, sometimes to the point of sounding awkward. This lack of consistency works both ways though and with some of the meander comes menace whilst some of the clip lacks conviction, overall though THYRUZ maintain a bristling determination to maintain an acidic spike.

The Black Metal bluster occasionally adds an edge of Death but for the majority of the time “Diseblot” is stony-faced, stabbing Black that switch-blades in true Nordic fashion, mostly THYRUZ hammer it hard but occasionally, very occasionally, they usher in the softer touch of the keyboard through the back door. Whilst the album as a whole lacks focus, down at local level it's more like a number of ferocious set-pieces darting in like Hyenas to rip at the corpse, close to and of the moment these tracks are more cohesive and the gnashing has greater effect. The beast in a bottle vocals add to the the spite spat out, they really are a devil caught by its forked tail, you are convinced that should it get out, your throat is fucked.

I'm of a mind that this album has just missed the mark, there is plenty here that piques interest and rams and rips its point home but ultimately despite the near-to sense of rush, from a more global aspect “Diseblot” is want to stumble. There are compensators that push the pivot more in THYRUZ's favour but they need to find and replace the last few missing shards so that their reflected vision of Hell is complete.

(Online November 25, 2010)

Niall MacCartney

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